Wishlist - 10 things I want to do before see off!

Well, this is something that I have always wanted to jot down.
These are THE shortlisted 10 that I want to accomplish before I see the almighty.
In every to accomplish statements you will find a touch of travelling and moving around. This is because I was born with gypsy soul.

The List goes like this:

1. To Live in the world's most fantastic places for 1 month each!
Amazon &
Serengeti .
Man, I can forego  anything for this! 
For all the flora and fauna at these amazing places ANYTHING!!.
In India, I have explored quite a few jungles but the craziness that goes on within the Amazon and Serengeti is priceless.

2. Adventure sports: 
Yes, right now bungee jumping and sky diving are on my agenda. Can't think of scuba yet. I'm aquaphobic you see !

3. Become a lecturer of an off beat subject:
 I always knew I'm a good teacher( forgive my overconfidence)
As for my domain subject, I was a visiting faculty to college  from Nov to Feb. But apart from my domain subject I would like to teach subjects like problem solving, importance of travelling, Who is Rabindranath Tagore, so on..

4. Bunking office:
 Writing this on behalf of many poor souls like me. 
I want to bunk office and go for a bike ride alone. And hope to fulfil it in this coming monsoon(hopefully).

5. Want to be known as artist and not a professional:
I've always wanted this and I think I'm on the right track . It's usually when my physical battery goes off .
I always wish that i should be known as an artist instead of a professional who ran in a rat race and raced to never win it. I have already started with a few portraits, hoping to learn a genre of dance and guitar soon. Even the thought of it is like 'woah! what a feeling' . 
Not only will I stop at that, after running for a  mil in this, I want to see me discussing some cool stuff with other artists too.

6. Witnessing the FIFA World Cup: 
In fact, this one should be No. 1 in this list. Football is not my sort of sport but being a part of the waves of cheering and witnessing the most followed sport in the world live surely gives me goosebumps.

7. A visit to Istabnbul, Funchal and Disney land: Yes, for a few years now these cities have been crossing my mind currently im transported there by merely just a few reads but optimistically someday! One-day exploring them will be on the top of my priority lists.

8. To participate in a triathlon: 
This is because even thinking of it is like challenging myself. Here more than age what matters is mental fortitude.  Swimming, riding and running... come on let's push our limits . 

9. See an active volcano: 
There are 500 active volcanoes around the world. I want to see the one either of these I.e. the ones in Iceland, Italy, Japan, Costa Rica or Hawaii.

10. Want to love not hate .. : 
I'm not the one to hate someone easily but once I do I'm a cold blooded home sapien!
I'd like to not be but i guess it's inherited! Well one day as the rest on my to accomplish list..


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