ofcourse i love you, till I find someone better..!!

Only very recently, to be more precise on the new years' night (rather early morning) at 5.30am, finished reading this book. Of course I love you, till I find someone better. This one is by my good pal Manavi Ahuja, and Durjoy, dont know him. Both are just college grads.

It was a humble and humiliating experience while reading the same. It has everything in it that any bachelor boy or girl have to experience inevitably or by choice or by his / her stubbornness to repeat the same past mistakes from the day he / she becomes an adult till the marriage, and of course beyond the marriage, what we generally call these days as EMA (extramarital affairs).

Break ups, hook ups, make outs, ditching, dumping, EMAs, live-ins, one night-stands, friends, so called best friends, disappointments n everything that we can find in today's so called illusion called relationships we can find in this book. Nevertheless book contains all this, it doesn't stop on these craps only. It has very beautifully portrait ed the very basic element that is missing in every of these relationships, Love of course. And also a tiny element of every youngsters life which has been conveniently overlooked, The God.!!

At this point of my journey, i have kind of given up to think what exactly it is and frankly speaking i have no right to judge and express anything about this as i am enjoying well my khulla-saand wala time ;) ..

Anyways, but being an adult mysterio i can observe and avoid doing mistakes that i have witnessed throughout and can help those cripping souls around me, at least can try, what else.!!

Lets say.. -
we, now i am including myself as well, are passing through all these different loves, love of parents, love for friends, love for spouse and so forth. We slowly exercise the faculty of love, but in the majority of cases we never learn anything from it, we become bound to one step, to one person. In some cases men come out of these bondage. Men are ever running after wives, wealth, and fame and noone is exception to this. Noone in this world can really love anything but God.

This is how it is, read ahead. This is not a spiritual lecture, but the hard truth learned through good lessons.

Men cannot love though they talk of it, i am also not an exception to this. The wife says she loves her husband and kisses him; but asa he dies, the first thing she thinks about is the bank account, and what she will do next day. The husband loves the wife, but when she becomes sick, and loses her beauty, or becomes haggard, or makes a mistakes he ceases to care for her.

As Mr. Narendra Dutt says, all the love of the world is hypocrisy and hollowness. He is Swami Vivekananda, btw. Sometimes looks true. But its unavoidable, we are a part of this cycle, something called karmayoga.

we grasp something, and find it slips through our fingers, and then we grasp something else. Thus, we go on and on, till the last light comes. ohh.. wats that..!! someone whose love knows no change, and ever ready to take us in. He in whose mind is no anger, hatred or envy etc.. lil heavy one.

lets see one another classic example ;

girlfriend or wife for the matter of fact and to avoid other dilemmas, loves her husband. She thinks that her whole soul is absorbed in him; a baby comes , and half of it goes out to the baby, or somewhat more. She herself feels that her love for her husband does not exist now as it was before. so with the husband.

We always find that when more intense objects of love come to us the previous love slowly vanishes. Similar is the case with children, animals and with the whole lot of finite objects which are made up of 5 basic elements.

One star arises , another bigger one comes , and then still a bigger one, and at last the sun comes, and all the lesser lights vanish. who's that sun btw..? some creatures have it but donot realise the same until they loose him.. some may keep trying and donot realise that that was the previous one. When that sun bursts upon him, a man becomes what emerson calls it as "God-intoxicated man".. too heavy for me.

That is what keeps happening in "of course i love u.."

what it sends is, love never comes until there is freedom. There is no love possible in slave. If you buy a slave, he'll work for you, but like a drudge. There will be no love in him. Every act of love brings happiness and peace and blessedness in its reaction.

suppose a man loves a woman; he wishes to have her all to himself and feels extremely jealous every moment, he wants her to sit near him, to stand near him, and to eat and to move at his bidding. He is a slave to her and wishes her as his slave. This is kind of a regular picture in the relationships today. This is not love; it is a kind of morbid affection of the love, insinuating itself as love. Then we go for the next one, and the next and next.

It cannot be love, because everytime it brings about painful reaction with it. With love there is nothing like pain, it has only reaction of bliss.

So.. whats the catch..? should we stop searching. give up. or indulge till we find someone better.

to me its very simple. We always receive, what we have given. good things happens to good people. Friends, someone we should never give up on.

the book is a good to read.

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