Its time to breath after a long time.

Well.. sometimes its a good feeling to be a vella.! haha..I love it to stay in bed for a long, to break my disciplined schedule, to not to wear formals all the time (man I hate to wear neck tie, although I look good with it). N believe me its a terrific cold here in Madhya Pradesh. I have experienced almost all the cold weathers in all the states, this one is too much and I'm liking it. 

Ok, there is one more reason I'm vella this week, Leg injured. Here in Jabalpur there is a holy river called Narmada aka Narmada ji, as they call it here. N there was a big mela last sunday here in Bhedaghat, remember Asoka's raat ka nasha song wala location. So, I along with some friend I made here had gone for a Snan in this river in the earliest morning at 6 am. 
Believe me, already its cold and in addition to that all the floor of the earth is marble, so it was painfully cold. I was very hesitant doing this Snan thing in public. But to my surprise almost every single creature there at ghat, including all sized females, were doing this thing. So, finally I jumped off in the water and while I was enjoying the cold thing, my left leg slipped because of the water current and I felt down in water. blood n blood..!! '

There was no sensation of the injury till evening, later it started showing its magic. Nothing's serious, have applied bandages n all.

Till this time have roamed around 16000Km here in MP, did set up some good things for my company and for unprivileged,  recruited more than 255 employees, visited 300 poor households and 28 districts. So all in all its a good sleep at night, peace. 

Also, staying with some amazing people. Getting a smell of real India. I actually saw Peepli Live like people here and felt them. Came to conclusion. India is grat. Flying off to various Asian countries Next year but I know I'l still feel , India is Great. 

Trying to upload some pics. 

On the way to bhedaghat. with Soni family. One the best mates I have made here in JBP

Damn server is holdin me to upload some more pics.
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Memoir in Mind.

These days I m traveling like crazy from place to place. And its definitely on my mind to write a memoir, though I have started to shape it. Guys since last 7 days I have traveled almost 5000 kms, 3 states, and around 8 cities where I have never been to. People and people. Being an HR person for me its all about people.
Right now Im in Jabalpur and gona meet Dona Ganguly, Saurav Ganguly's wife at Bedaghat. 
Do you remember Kareena's song in Asoka.. "Raat ka nasha abhi.." that place is bedaghat, there are literally hills of Marble and Narmada river flows like anything. Spellbound, tonight Im going there.

Till december I'll cover all the Indian cities, almost hann. From Jan, I'll be flying for Jakarta, Singapore, Brazil..n don't know where.! Pry for me.! 

Love you all. Pics coming. More on FB.
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Caution - Don't Rub your balls..!!

Date - 13/10/2010
Day - I don't remember.
Place - My HO at bengaluru.
Time - 1000 hrs.
People - Shantanu, COO(Male), CEO(Male), MY VP- HR (female), Sr. Manager(Operations)
Scene - Everyone dressed up professionally, Neck tie n all (I don't like tie). Everyone gets up one after other and gives presentation. 
- Pathetic presentations by VP, Irritated CEO.
-  Sr. Manager gets yp for ppt. 
- First bring bearable 5 mins. 
- Suddenly he starts rubbing his balls. 1 st warning by COO.
- Me, LoL too much from inside, but couldn't from outside.. uffff suffocation.
- Again 5 min, irrestible itching in his balls. He starts rubbing. 
- Itch guard could have prevented this. 

That is why don't rub your balls guys.
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(Dipti + Sonal + Swati + Splurja +Pavitra + Nosto) = Shantanu

 I seriously cannot stay at a place where I do get some kind of a high or some kind of a "Nashaa". Well, I don't know why did I write this sentence? 

Anyways, its since ages that I have been to my blog. Last some days are truly memorable for me and I know its not gonna end here as I am going to go places in coming  months. Its a great deal of satisfaction and contentment I am experiencing that one craves for out of his job. Its a magical feeling when you see lives of grass root people are getting altered because of your one act, may its professional by your point of view, but its truly a big deal for you.

I have so many stories to tell, about people, about places, about food, about egos, attitudes n so much. Rarely do I get a good time to write all this stuff. Weekends I go for tracking or some kind of a site seeing when I am in a new a place. Since last month, I have explored some unknown places in and around bangalore, davangere, Mysore, tumkur, aurangabad, Delhi and so many small n remote places. And of course food without fail. I can't afford to miss regional food tastes. So you see its totally a packed week and I have told many of you, my dell baby do not allow me to open my blog.

But ya, I do keep in touch with all of those on FB. I bought one super k0ol nokia machine which takes some awesome photographs, "with sigh," abhi tak sirf mere cabin, chair n ek mera he photu liya maine...kitne saare fotos lene hai...!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll upload those on FB, almost all of you are there in my FB list, "blush rising"..

I truly miss you all veryyy muchhh..!! Dip, I was always in touch with your mood, these days I don't know what are you upto. I am starting reading your stuff right away. Today only, me ans Swati were discussing about you, soo see how much do we care and always wana be in touch with you. 

Bebo..!! Sonal, now you have became an inevitable friend that I cannot afford to lose. I am truly thankful of this place aka venting machine for having met us, FB  also. Its always fun and refreshing as I have already mentioned on FB, to share thoughts with you. The basic vital element that I like of this friendship is its no exaggeration and its just like that. No matter how less I'm on blog, I am so happy FB has given that place to catch up. Always be happy, all the good things, good people, best friends are there for you and you are a serious sweetheart..! 

Swati mata, you rockkk..!! and yes you also a sweetheart and love you too.!! I know you hate flattering and can tear one up if you don't like, but I can do it well. zel lo..! I have already done you tarrif there at FB and I mean it girl. Find some time to write some posts I'l be obliged. all the best.  and follow me na yaar, I want you here in my friend list.

Splurjo Splurjo Splurjo..... remember me kya?? kahan ho tum, infact you should ask this to me. but anyways, I miss you and your mature words too. I'll mail you tonight. 

Nosto girl.. I have some god wishes for you. first of all a peace of mind, all the happiness in the world, and love love love..!! all that you deserve.  

Pavitra.. Its as if I am doing a sin that I am not reading your posts. But I'll make sure to read out all those this weekend. You really write well, no doubts, its blessing to write poems
I shall write one interesting post of my interesting experience in bangalore. 

for now guys aasata la vistaa..!

loads of love n luckss..


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Loaded n Enjoying.

I have tried to be as eclectic as possibly I can with my professional life and so far it's pretty fun. 

- Ronald Barthes.

Its since so long that I have put my thoughts to share with you guys. Its a professional lock-out. But things looks okay when you like your work. Till now going cool. Recently got some more responsibilities on shoulders n good designation. 
I shall be moving to Bangalore for more training on 1st Sept. So, its more constrained you know as I would be traveling across country and continents. So, lesser n lesser writing. But its okay until n unless I am enjoying my work. 

Obviously, I'll be all in touch with all of you through reading your updates on blogs n FB. These things are truly divine and has made my life rocking. I so much love you all. 

These days I am reading more of a business stuff. HR Scorecard, I love this person Dave Ulrich, very creative and a true writer. A good combo of business, ethics n a craziness. Also, Im drawing portraits on weekends, so all in all its a fun life.
Recently, one Auckland Journal on Arts has published my paper on poetry, great deal of satisfaction on face. "content and smiles". I wish to share with you guys but do not how to upload .pdf file.
Parents as usual worried about "pata nahi kab karega shadi" n my reply is always as "LoL"

Woke at 5.30 am today, too early. Had to drop my younger bro at the railway station. Its always fun with him. Rained badly yesterday night, so road were pretty clean. Stopped on the way back around the lake near my house to see sunrise,  but "sigh" he refused to show up his face. all cloudy.

Sipped hot tea, in fact KeTea , its a combo of tea leaves, coffee with a ginger shot. Awesome, healthy. No acidity.

My request and prayers also. Please do not ever be sad, always keep a long honest grin. You are the best people I have with me and I just want to see smiles all the way.

Love you.


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Heaven unplugged.!

Monsoon  always brings life with her. She nourish the tadpoles, blows oxygen into orchids, wraps the green shawls around the shoulders of mountains. I don't like to get wet too much but enjoy the changes she paints on the canvas of nature. 

Lonavala and Khadala are one such places around here where Sun is on leave for four months of monsoon. Fog holds your breath while you ride or drive to the Tiger Hills. Usually, its 25 min of bike ride to tiger hills from lonavala, but we took 11/2 hrs. to reach. This is because each waterfall on the way has his own story to tell. 
Spellbound. I was accompanied with some friends from Patna, Nagpur, Bhopal, Orissa. I don't find it much difficult to make friends from any planet.

Pics are of Lonavala, Amby valley, Tiger hills and Khandala. 

Two Ass


Zero Visibility at Tiger Hills

That's my bike there. Red one 04

The roads were too clean.

Tigerhills waterfalls.

Bhushi dam.

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Cheenti Pahad chadhe..Marane ke waastey.!

Today, I witnessed a suicide. It was in our colony. The sight was terrible. At around 4pm the family started shouting. We are not but almost live close by that house, so heard the screams. I rushed asap.
The door was closed from inside and from the window I could see the daughter-in-law of the family was hanging to ceiling fan. We, some five to six men, tried too hard to break the door. Finally Police arrived and one Daya style police wala broke the door.

When we entered inside, her FM radio was on and the song airing was 

                              "Cheenti pahad chadhe Marane ke waasatey
                                Ladki kare fashion ladkon ke waasatey."      irony..!!
I really prey one should not witness such scenes, especially ladies. This is because two of the females there puked on the spot as they saw the dead body. The tongue was out of the mouth, you wont believe the length of the tongue, it was double the normal. The legs, in fact the whole body, was stretched. I can't forget those eyes, only white part was visible. Don't know where the pupils were gone. Scaryy..

I couldn't stand those cries n all. I took my bike and went to mall, bought 3 Ts, one Osho slippers. Life is to love why the hell one need to end life this way. Attitude of gratitude , Im following it.!
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the Daru post.! haPPens haPPened..

this post is surely gona s*u*c*k... so those of you in a good mood, with their beloveds 
spending good times, and don't want to see something stinking and abusive 
post pleeeeease don't go furtherr coz everything is gonnaA be aBruPt fROm now.. you are sTILL witH meE..come .

wElL, right now soME 180ml 42%ethanol(rum), 750/2= 375ml 8% ethanol(beer),
anD soME tWo fU**ng tOOo goOd taquIlLLas are Playing kHo KhO in mA tummy..
(that is a disadvantage of tOO muCh studYing, u see everything at micro level..)
buT who Cares how much is IT..?? 
 but I DIDN sMOke.. its more tHAn 35 days now.
wE, ,me n ma school friend, sat near railway track an hour ago, saw trains passing us, we sang some songs, had booze with chaknaa.
ate egg curry went on a walk through tunnel, we shouted, naa, screamed, abused MCBC in that tunnel..
we, in fact I, vented out some shit...

After so long I am in low. I am exactly feeling my serotonin levels are big time famished, my adrenaline has dried up and heart is taking efforts to pump, I am feeling heavy at this such a wonderful wt., I am unable to do even 20 push ups today.
I am not into writing such posts, but who cares, its ok, you are my people. you love me, abuse me but at least you are honest as I think coz I am too honest in this case.

 Reasons : y all this going on.?? what are these shit symptoms.? now I am on leave for a week to treat my sinus, was terribly ill with fever till today. why the hell was i waiting for that one fuc**in call to ask me how am i? i never expected anything from anyone but love. so many stabs on my back, so many. there is no space left, but still they find some. I don't ,ind getting those, but i cant fake myself..

LOVE NET airing on channel V..!! such a loosers, they hide their identity over the net and indulge in love chat.. bullshitss..if one cannot maintain his dignity even for own id, then rest is shit..! 

DIP.. i have puked enough on ROSHOGULLA (I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH), and some FB posts, please bear with me.! i'll say sorry later.! i find little salvation, some momy lap kinda feeling at ur blog.. are a sweetheart,, you listen me so patiently on chats but ya i must say u have a too much stamina to talk n talk n fact type, type n type, thnks for being ears..! actually i love everyone of you..

just want to HUg someone tight n cryy..since so long I havenot cried..!! 

talli me.!
(rechristened  by sonal) love this name, reminds me something..

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Killing our dreams.

The following write up is not at all my production. These words are by Petrus. He has shared these thoughts with Paulo Cohelo during his book "The Pilgimage". Cohelo has shared this article on his blog. I like Cohelo's short stories, they have learning and common sense into it, not lengthy and some punch lines that straight goes into erythrocytes. And we can relate with them, as I was discussing with Bebo. 

I could have shared the link with you, but I so much wanted to write it. So that it sinks in the system and get carved on subconscious as well. I am not agree with whole of the thoughts of Petrus but I liked the so much seasoned thought process. 

Its not at all necessary to agree with everything that big shots writes unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense, as Buddha says. 
Recently came across with one outstanding poet Spike Milligan. I have posted 
it on my poems blog. He has some tragic ways to blush at words. 

Killing our dreams : 

The First Symptom of the process of our killing our dreams is the lack of time. The busiest people I have known in my life always have time enough to do everything. Those who do nothing are always tired and pay no attention to the little amount of work they are required to do. They complain constantly that the day is too short. The truth is, they are afraid to fight the Good Fight.

The second symptom of the death of our dreams lies in our certainties. Because we don’t want to see life as a grand adventure, we begin to think of ourselves as wise and fair and correct in asking so little of life. We look beyond the walls of our day-to-day existence, and we hear the sound of lances breaking, we smell the dust and the sweat, and we see the great defeats and the fire in the eyes of the warriors. But we never see the delight, the immense delight in the hearts of those who are engaged in the battle. For them, neither victory nor defeat is important; what’s important is only that they are fighting the Good Fight.

And, finally, the third symptom of the passing of our dreams is peace. Life becomes a Sunday afternoon; we ask for nothing grand, and we cease to demand anything more than we are willing to give. In that state, we think of ourselves as being mature; we put aside the fantasies of our youth, and we seek personal and professional achievement. We are surprised when people our age say that they still want this or that out of life. But really, deep in our hearts, we know that what has happened is that we have renounced the battle for our dreams – we have refused to fight the Good Fight.

When we renounce our dreams and find peace, we go through a short period of tranquility. But the dead dreams begin to rot within us and to infect our entire being.

We become cruel to those around us, and then we begin to direct this cruelty against ourselves. That’s when illnesses and psychoses arise. What we sought to avoid in combat – disappointment and defeat – come upon us because of our cowardice.

And one day, the dead, spoiled dreams make it difficult to breathe, and we actually seek death. It’s death that frees us from our certainties, from our work, and from that terrible peace of our Sunday afternoons
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Background  ~> raining wholly and holy, cool winds, bent coconut tree in my garden, drooping flowers on tendrils.

Scene 1 starts.  ~>
Drenched in mud, coconut in my right hand, grocery bag in the left one, one ball pen in the socket of skull and upper tympanum(ear), endless talk over the earphone, one ant crawling on my short, neighbor auntie asking, in fact shouting and scolding, the questions from behind the wall for my avatar.(feeling so much happy inside)
Scene 1 ends. ~>

This is how I was standing an hour ago in my gate asking my pitah (dad) to open it. Yesterday, Mom has gone to Mumbai for her table tennis matches, she plays on behalf of her office and believe me she plays so so well, and she has given all the responsibility of her baby to her husband and vice-versa. So, you can understand such a big duties..

Since yesterday I am a kitchen king..made kind of paranthas and daal fry. He liked it. Showed him two Telugu movies, Bomarillu and Arya 1, every soul in love should watch this movie Arya 1, on DVD. I was a translator of course. Dad was wondering how can he know Telugu.!! I read on his face. Well, I know Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Gujrati as well.

Today's menu is Aloo Koftas, read the recipe on Anamika's blog. Papa is taking great care of me. He has asked me drink Bournvita 7 times since mom left the house.

Dad - Bournvita.??
Me - Piya.
Dad - when?
Me - In the morning.
Dad - It was for morning. what about now?
Me - No.. Dont like it now.
Dad - Why?
Me - Lets have beer.
Dad - Ok, bring one for me. You take Bournvita.
Me - hahaaaa...
Dad - Kid.
Me - I am not.
Dad - your mom told me.
Me - what?
Dad - to feed you Bournvita. ..

Maid dadi arrives drenched..I skipped. Today is 13th day I am asking her to say "itna paisa mein itna he milega"  wo right hand palm up karke n all(remember Channel V wali Bai..) My Maid dadi is so much like her moti n cuty, she is with us since my birth. And she slaps on my back.

Maid dadi - kaun ladki terese shaadi karegi baba.?
Me -Muze bhi pata karna hai. (showing excitement in my "blushes")
M D - tu pehle bada toh ho ja..!!!
Dad(from  hall) - Mausi usko Bournvita pilao, tab tak wo bada nahi hoga.
M D - aapne piya kya Bournvita.??
me - hahahaaaaaa...

I run away for Aloo Kofta grocery.!! SCENE 1 Starts..

Shantanu  :)
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10 Things That Piss me Off..!!

This one is a very long pending tag and was dieing to finish it. Somehow, I kept it on a back foot thinking I would complete it very dearly. I just read Splurgerina's tag and that motivated me, the right time to begin is now.
So, here I am with those "Pissing me" things and believe me these really Piss me off. I may sound disciplined or a military man while you read, but trust me I am a little.

So, lets hit.. 

* hate it.. when someone uses a tooth paste like this. Its not the way to use tooth paste, press it at the bottom naa..How much does it cost?  And if its my tooth paste, you better be ready with some places to hide. It is such an unorganized way to start a day. I know we feel lazy, but no means no.


So what if its a footwear and it had to taste the dust of all places, it equally deserves good attention. It piss me off someone keeps their footwear like this, ulta-pulta or one footwear upside down. Dude, they take your care, try to listen to them. I have got full marks at Armed Forces Medical College for keeping the things as they should be, especially footwear. And I am also out of home for 8 years at hostels and at flats, so if I can then why can't we?


Its a global problem because we allow it to occur at home. And charity also starts at home. So whenever having food, if see someone wasting a food, it really piss me off. May sound absurd, so see this, in sub-Saharan Africa, at least 265 million people are hungry, heightening the travesty of the food waste problem. and read this as well

Spineless Men - These are always aired on TV soaps and are also present around. It piss me off when them losing their balls and masculinity for at least that is rational and gets backs, fronts and centers from their wives. Idiots.


I truly believe in reading everything that I can. There are so many thoughts and so many things to learn in this darm small life. This is such a powerful tool to get an insight in everything, especially poems. I hate and feel pity for the one who dont read. But its ok, sometimes someone cannot get along with it. But the thing that truly piss me off is when someone says "kaise padhte ho yaar?? reading is such a boring thing", Atleast dont make fun of it dude.


Know her..?? Piss me off, when I am with such kind of girls. I hate girls who plans, plots and created rifts between friends and family. I can smell them immediately and I have already kicked on their bumps.


Just because you reveal it does not mean I'll get hooked. There is difference between being slutty and being sexy, just as being Rakhi Sawant and being Katrina Kaif. Hate those chicks who thinks they can rule the worlds with their revealing curves. naah.! There are so many nice girls, why you.?


Needless to say, why it piss me off.!! Making out in public place is such an unholy thing. Go to your room naa. or rent a motel. But like this..ewww..~


I don't like it when someone barks his order at a waiter. or call him like " aee..shhuk shukkk.." especially those drunkards. Two pegs down and they feel they rule the world. 

Ok, so now its almost done.. Finally.. Its yukk thing I hate.

99.9% of the times I avoid it, but there are certain high times in man's life that he has to face and can't escape.
It is one those times. It has so much pathetic odor of NH3, ammonia, that I hold my breath for those peeing seconds. And you ever visit this place, you will see so many kinds of a things, from erotic to literature on sex education, are written on those walls. Its really pisssssssssssssssiing one. now I am tagging all those who have not done this post. yeyy.. m done.

Dip wala Gender Stereotype tag is still pending. I'l finish that one also asap. Guys, I hope you are having a rocking time.
Stay happy n smiling.

Shantanu. :)

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Weird and Strange..

I do not  know what exactly that goes on in a girl's mind, never tried to know as well but honest. But recently I am getting such a weird experiences of them. I am getting so many friend requests from the girls who were my classmates, not long ago, just two years back.

Yes, you may wonder whats' that so strange. Well, it is.!! When I was all there, they never took any effort to acknowledge even my existence in the class. I do not know whether they were even having any good friend  as they either used to be with their BFs, at parties or at hostel.

So, suddenly what happened.?? Almost all the girls who wants to be friends with me are married, at such a young age, eww.., obviously not with their BFs, whatever its their life. But the pathetic part is they are idle and keep hitting the PC buttons the whole day, and now they are interested to know what is my hometown.!!

haha.. so mean.!! There are so many grey shades, life is too short to witness them.

Anyways, people love u.

Shantanu. :)
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Paul Octopus.. You are Late.!!

This is created by one of friends on FB. I borrowed this pic to share with you. 

I wish Paul was there at the time of exams. yeahh..!! Its late, but its ok. 

Needless to say, this cephalopoda has surely gained enough attention to get protected from hunting.

Love, Shantanu. :)
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I shall be off for 4 days trip for some professional stuff at Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad. My first ever International conference. So excited.!!

Also, I shall meet up with my Uncle. He is gona get operated tomorrow. Spoke with Auntie. He is happy and is giving good  vibes. Thanks to you guys.

Gona miss you a lot as wont be able to access my laptop because of security reasons. 

* Abraham : My advance wishes on your 56th wedding anniversary. Please convey to Patty as well. I shall try to mail you on 12th July from outside of the venue. 

* Dip : M gona miss FIFA finals. So, if Spain wins, I would say "Guru tu sahi bola tha" . N as I told you , miss me while beer.  cheers.

* Splurjo / Swati : shall expect some more great stuff on ur posts when Im back.

* Vspirit : man ping me. where r u?

*  Pavitra : M getting some more Edward Stewart stuff from Delhi. Stay well.

* Bebo : hope ur outing was good. And now you are all recheged.

* Sovina / Nikita : Thanks for the follow. You blog babies are awesome. Loved them.

* Ned and Spain : All the best. I know you both will miss me. Whoever wins the CUP I am going to Love FIFA till India wins the finals. 

Shall be there by midnight.

ciao guys. 

Love n hugs :)
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Please Pray.

Need your help. My friend's father has suffered a cardiac arrest. He is gona get operated for Bi-Pass.

I consider both of them, Uncle and Auntie, not less than my own parents. I love them alot. I donot know God listens to me or not, so asking you.

Please pray for my friend as well. She is facing a very hard time right now, I know she wont let me know as I become tensed. She is all alone there along with her Mom. And God knows how she is handling all this. She is already very depressed because of her own issues.

Please wish her a good husband.

I cannot see this. I am feeling like shit. I am here 3500km away from her when I should be there with her. I cannot move for one week as doctor has suggested rest else sinus will burst. Its crap man.

Guys, please do me a favour. Please pray for them. I wont ask for anything.

Ganpati Bappa.. are you listening.? what are you doing with your mates??

cannot sleep tonight.
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My Fag Tag : Splurgerina's Tag. :)

Well, first things first. Thanks to Splurgerina for honoring me with "Sunshine Award" and tagging me to write about the 10 things that "Piss me Off". Later as I requested  she suggested a headline "10 Things That Stress Me Out Enough to Smoke!" and its so cool, I thought n it is.

I still remember the day when I took my first Fag and my first booze 25th Oct.2005. Culprit my younger brother.!! 

But to be very frank I am not at all a compulsive smoker. Yes I smoke but only on the following occasions. Its never with me like other guys who cant' even do potty without a cigarette. Stress, emotional trauma, heartbreak ewww..!!..nopez.!! these are really not always strong enough to induce nicotine need in me. And those who induce are not that weak as they look. Anyways, lets get started..

1. These Men :

Whenever I see this man smoking, holding the bud in the far deep between the two fingers, its so tempting.!! And he was in the same position when I saw him in "Fire n Ice". Such a kool man with compulsive smoking. And I am quite sure I am gona have one fag when I'll see "Once upon a time in Mumbai". Ajay in Haji Bhai's avtar.! Well, I am not at all his fan n all, but yes I appreciate the attitude he displays, especially his eys heart throb..!!

Yes, he is the one I love alot. Rajanikanth. Waiting so desperately for his next release, Endhiran. What a style he has got.!! Awesome, just awesome. I shall always have one only one fag after seeing him.  

Yes, he is my he is heart throb also. No, I am not south Indian.

2. Places :

I truly believe places have their effect on me for smoking wholeheartedly. And at these places if you are not smoking then you are absolutely missing out on a lifetime fun. The ambiance demands it. The places which are close to my heart are :

                     - Tantra & Someplace Else @ Kolkata.
                     - Fire n Ice & Indya key @ Pune
                     - Apache @ Pune
                     - Everything on Bridgade Road, Bangalore.
                     - Liquids @ Banjara hills, Hyderabad.
                    - All the night outs in Mumbai & Delhi in open jeep and in Pune on bike, Magical.

but I do not remember ever exceeding the limit. It's always maximum 6 cigarettes with the gap of 40 min. That really gives you a high.

3. Exams and Hostel:

Believe me, in fact many of you must have experienced this, it is one the best times in your entire life when you are at hostel during your Grad or Post Grad days. No, hostel days of school can not really give that kind of a high. I know I am not telling you something out of  the world thing. But you know hostel is such a pavlovian thing for smoking. In hostel nights are days and vice-versa. And when exams knocks, we used to feel so studious with cigarette in hand.
Do you remember that video song that they used to air on Doordarshan, " Cigarette in my hand, burns a man.." where the boy smokes n smokes and finally he become a skeleton.?? I still remember, in hostel, we saw that song, discussed on all the hazardous effects of smoking and sweared to quit smoking for the well being of our wives, progeny and the rest of family, of course not for ourselves, and got so tensed that at 2.30am we went to bus stand for Tea and Fag.!! The comment was," bhai.. ye last, kal se band.." and we are still waiting for that "Kal". So true.. tomorrow never dies.. ;-)

And of course, if we smoke during exam nights, its not our sin, refer whole student community in the word "Our". I remember when my wing partner cleaned his room after the exams, it was 5 cm thick layer of cigarette ash. And we celebrated that. Dirty naa...I know.!! That gave us a lesson of hygine.

So, now the status is, whenever we roommates meet, once in a blue moon as everyone is in the different parts of the planet, it calls for a fag. Memories.!!

4. Highways and travels:

Yes, this is the one thing that gives me kind of an orgasm. No drug, LSD, marijuana can ever be comparable with traveling on highway. May be on bike, in state transport bus, in car, in bulock cart, from village or taluka or metro. I just love every bit of traveling. And I feel so happy even when I am traveling alone. So ya that calls for a fag. I am still in that memory, when I and Upendra traveled all the western ghats, i.e. Konkan Maharashta, goa, coastal karnataka, to down Kerala, and have not smoked in whole journey just to have a fag at Dudhsagar. Its a    wildest waterfall in monsoon at south goa where no 
vehicle dares to reach. So, we walked around 20 km through Konkan railway tunnels, totally drenched in rains. When we reached the place, the water fall was like bournvita mixed milk one side and the other side was dragon valley.

Such triumphs truly desreves fag. Believe me its fun smoking when you win. Ya, the thing to mention is we detached 25 litches from my body which were sucking my blood while we walked through the tunnels.

5. On the ride with Ethanol:

Well, do I need to say anything regarding this.? Smoke tastes fabulous with some of the elite class scotches. 

6. Smoking girls:
Frankly telling you, I scarcely like a girl or a woman smoking. No, no chauvinist issue. But I always feel that all the woman community should be in good health. Yes, I am a selective feminist. If you visit NCC canteen of Symbi in Pune or Xaviers' in Mumbai, n ya IIM C, Kolkata, I was feeling like, "Man, see here. Every gal in here is smoking and what are you waiting for.??" And if offer comes to you in the form of "Bidi Jailaeele Jigar se piya", it become inevitable to conserve the many masculine things. But its a good experience smoking with them. 

7. This Movie:

If you have not yet seen this then please, please, please see it. In the first half watching, I can not ever resist the temptation of smoking. And I take almost two to three fags.The hero, Nick Naylor, is tobacco lobbyist in this film.

Later half is little preaching. But the way this hero sales the smoking is outrageous. Very very impressive. The film clearly - and repeatedly - hammers home the point that in our culture, any viewpoint can be defended with the right tactics, regardless of truth or ethics. 

The best part I liked in this film is Naylor and his alcohol lobbyist friends, meets every week and jokingly calls themselves as MOD squad, Merchants of Death.

So, this movie always acts as a catalyst for me to have one fag.

8. Emotional tides and ebbs:

Needless to say, noone is deprived of the privilege of  going through emotional traumas. Of course, cigarette of alcohol is not at al the solution to anything. But yes, I do agree and have experienced, it helps minimise the effects. On rare occassions that I clearly remember I had smoked when I was sad. But I do make a point to not smoke on the same sad occasions. I remember I smoked a whole packet of 20 cigarrettes when my parents sold my 20 yrs old bicycle when I was away from home. I was truly sad at that time and was cursing everything. The occasion was the death of my beloved. well, I should not remember this in this ill sinusital stage as I am feeling to have a fag.
Heartbreak had played its role in the early teen. But I have shortened my learning curve so no more sadness n all. Everything is cool.

9. Exotic Brands:

I always believe in trying out new things, new places, new food, new living styles and what not. So how cigarettes can be an exception?

 Any new brand that is rare is my turn on to hava a fag. As I have tried 350 bucks/ pc cigarette, so the 5bucks/ 50pcs bidis. eww.. but please do stay away from bidis. Bad very bad.

10. Friends and beloveds:

whooaa.. finally reached on 10th..!! Obviously, my list is incomplete without mentioning my beloveds in smoking list. There are very rare people or call them friends whom I am comfortable smoking. This is because they maintain certain class. And I love the way the sharing of thoughts goes on with each fag. On top of my list is my younger bro. Sometimes I feel he is very elder to me as  kind of maturity he displays. He alwyas accuses me for being crazy and weired for most of the times, but I know in deep of heart he likes my way. I so miss him as he is away working for stupid IT stuff. Sitting on the bench near the lake in my town and having a fag is our big time memory.
And of course, when its a reunion of school and college buddies, it always calls for a fag.

Ohh..My God.. I forgot the most important one..!!

11. Emraan Hashmi:

Since the year 2004, Emraan Hashmi has created a big inferiority complex in all the Indian male community. Murder released that year. And till date the comple has its place. The reason was and is having being previliged of getting a tag of "Serial Kisser" by acting the same. We as a student had and have the same complex cum a bit of jealousy for his God gift. 
I remember, we came out of the theatre after watching Murder and had 3 fags in series, the comment was "saala.. doston at least  serial smoker toh bano". Since then whenevr his movie releases, we get on conference from different parts of the planet, curse him, and have a Fag. Silly.. but fact. !!

uff.. I am through with the thing. The important thing to mention is I have tremendously taken a backstep on smoking as the turn ons mentioned above are very rare these days and all my best buddies do not like me smoking. And I truly feel to respect their affection towards me.

Today is 27th day, I have not smoked.

Well, regarding tagging. I donot know whom should I tag? All my followers are very very good girls. So I am puzzeled. If anyone you smoke then feel free to get these tag, else I am tagging all the other non followers of my blog who smoke.

Enough for the day. Going through fever and have taken two injections in upper borders of both the eyebrows for sinus. 

All the Love and hugs(ya it works.)

Shantanu. :)
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Bad.. too bad.!!

I already knew yesterday night, it will happen. This is one of the pathetic feelings I ever get before Sinus hit me.. aaaaaaAAaa.. this is how I am screaming now out of this ache...

Dip / Splurgy before even doing "Pissing things" tag, I am announcing here. This sinus not only piss me off, it sucks, I hate this thing from the bottom of my heart. 

Not able to focus on anything. So many things left to be done, tags, drama rehearsals, writings, roaming.. Not even able to see TV or Laptop. I am writing this wearing my shades, this is 9.22pm.. wtf man..!! N why mom scolding for this if she knew.. 
ciao guys.. 

Ganpati bappa.. sinus kyun banaya.??  :( ):
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Excerpt from My Bible.

"The question is not who is going to allow me,
its who is gonna stop me."  - Ayn Rand.

One of the best excerpt from Ayn Rand's, The Fountainhead. This is the seventh time I am reading this book. 
To me, its nothing lesser than Geeta, Bible or Quran. Published in 1953, its still the bestseller at every outlet. 

Following words are through a character of Howard Roark. He should be my separate blog post. 
You wont regret reading this.The grace of Objectivity.
"Nothing is given to man on earth. Everything he needs has to be produced. And here man faces his basic alternatives : he can survive in only one of two ways - by the independent work of his own mind or as a parasite fed by the minds of others.

The creator originates. The parasite borrows. The creator faces nature alone. The parasite faces nature through an intermediary.

The creator's concern is the conquest of nature. The parasite's concern is the conquest of men.

The creator lives for his work. He needs no other men. His primary goal is within himself. The parasite lives second-hand. He needs other. Others become his prime motive.

The basic need of the creator is independence. The reasoning mind cannot work under any form of compulsion. It cannot be curbed, sacrificed or subordinated by any consideration whatsoever. It demands total independence in function and in motive.

To a creator, all relations with men are secondary.

The basic need of second-hander is to secure his ties with men in order to be fed. He places relations first. He declares that man exists in order to serve others. He preaches altruism.

NO MAN CAN LIVE FOR ANOTHER. He cannot share his spirit just as he cannot share his body. The man who attempts to live for others is a dependent.

The relationship produces nothing but a mutual corruption. It is impossible in concept. The nearest approach to it in reality - the man who lives for others - is the slave.

The conquered slave has a vestige of honour. He has the merit of having resisted and considering his condition evil. But the man who enslaves him voluntarily in the name of love is the basest of creatures. He degrades the dignity of man and degrades the conception of love. But this is the essence of altruism."

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