Wishlist - 10 things I want to do before see off!

Well, this is something that I have always wanted to jot down.
These are THE shortlisted 10 that I want to accomplish before I see the almighty.
In every to accomplish statements you will find a touch of travelling and moving around. This is because I was born with gypsy soul.

The List goes like this:

1. To Live in the world's most fantastic places for 1 month each!
Amazon &
Serengeti .
Man, I can forego  anything for this! 
For all the flora and fauna at these amazing places ANYTHING!!.
In India, I have explored quite a few jungles but the craziness that goes on within the Amazon and Serengeti is priceless.

2. Adventure sports: 
Yes, right now bungee jumping and sky diving are on my agenda. Can't think of scuba yet. I'm aquaphobic you see !

3. Become a lecturer of an off beat subject:
 I always knew I'm a good teacher( forgive my overconfidence)
As for my domain subject, I was a visiting faculty to college  from Nov to Feb. But apart from my domain subject I would like to teach subjects like problem solving, importance of travelling, Who is Rabindranath Tagore, so on..

4. Bunking office:
 Writing this on behalf of many poor souls like me. 
I want to bunk office and go for a bike ride alone. And hope to fulfil it in this coming monsoon(hopefully).

5. Want to be known as artist and not a professional:
I've always wanted this and I think I'm on the right track . It's usually when my physical battery goes off .
I always wish that i should be known as an artist instead of a professional who ran in a rat race and raced to never win it. I have already started with a few portraits, hoping to learn a genre of dance and guitar soon. Even the thought of it is like 'woah! what a feeling' . 
Not only will I stop at that, after running for a  mil in this, I want to see me discussing some cool stuff with other artists too.

6. Witnessing the FIFA World Cup: 
In fact, this one should be No. 1 in this list. Football is not my sort of sport but being a part of the waves of cheering and witnessing the most followed sport in the world live surely gives me goosebumps.

7. A visit to Istabnbul, Funchal and Disney land: Yes, for a few years now these cities have been crossing my mind currently im transported there by merely just a few reads but optimistically someday! One-day exploring them will be on the top of my priority lists.

8. To participate in a triathlon: 
This is because even thinking of it is like challenging myself. Here more than age what matters is mental fortitude.  Swimming, riding and running... come on let's push our limits . 

9. See an active volcano: 
There are 500 active volcanoes around the world. I want to see the one either of these I.e. the ones in Iceland, Italy, Japan, Costa Rica or Hawaii.

10. Want to love not hate .. : 
I'm not the one to hate someone easily but once I do I'm a cold blooded home sapien!
I'd like to not be but i guess it's inherited! Well one day as the rest on my to accomplish list..


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Case 1: 

India is such place where you tend to get motivated or demotivate from very contrasting strange things. For example, our Gods.
Apart from the debate of theism or atheism, let us get it straight to the point where people in our country worships idols, images, photo frames, computer screens with Gods or demigods, pendants etc. and apparently get lot more energy to sail through their fates and ill fates. 
On the other hand, many of the times we see them knocking the doors of tantriks, babas or other spiritually enriched demigods to get rid of deadly diseases or to get hidden treasures or even for a baby,yes it stands true today at this point of time when I'm writing this article and your are reading this. 

This scenario is presented by many movies, books and documentaries. 

But wait ! my question was different. 
Is it really necessary to inherit this? 
Why can't we teach our children values of hard work, sacrifices, self control instead? 
Why can't just we make them brave enough to think logically and choose what they want? 

These questions haunted me during my formative years like a pimple on my face. At home there was a faint possibility that I would ever get an answer. Then , my teachers were my only hope. All of whom I met during my college years i.e. graduation and post graduation, affirmed me that even though these things are inherited it’s up to me to carry the burden or not. 
Children during their toddler and adolescent stages have a very fragile and innocent mind. Those are the only years where you can work on their mindset and make them brave enough to change their apparent fate, to stand for what they feel and to push themselves beyond their limits.

Case 2:

Similarly, in the same region called India, there exists two more religions, Doctors and Engineers. Even before the baby is born, her/his parents have already decided their fate! here it is not to be or not to be ! here it is to be a doctor or an engineer. So, based on parent's current profession this decision is taken. It doesn't stop here. Even those parents, who are not doctors or engineers, also want their unborn baby to be one. Hypocrisy at its best.
A similar kind of malignant spirit used to haunt my family too, And I being me wanted to become a forest officer, yeah! a big blow to the society where I lived.

Again, my teachers were my saviours. They played important roles in my upbringing along with my parents. Today, I have 3 post graduate degrees in life sciences, wild life and forestry along with one in management. Although I don’t practice forestry, wild life and ornithology i do a lot of bird watching on a regular basis.
I have published two research papers with well known publications on rare birds. I cannot measure this or quantify this in terms of money , But the satisfaction I get of what and when I do it is intangible. 


For every pupil in India, a teacher is a blessing. I could have never imagined today without them.
India has a tradition Gurudakshina(a type of fee for his/her service to you). a few years ago, during a school get-together, one of our students asked our teacher what did she want or would like us to give her as a Gurudakshina. 
She humbly said, "Be a teacher to someone". As far as, we have such teachers India is unstoppable and life will be full hope, positivism  and optimism. 

Today, I'm trying to follow her example. I do not get a lot of time from my corporate job to spare with students, but I make sure to spend 3 weeks of December and January with them. I usually teach them something which they do not find in their books, like some niche skills.
It's been 2.5 years, I'm following this practice and I hope to continue this for a better India, for a better future. 
It’s a virtuous circle. 

Jai Hind.


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