My Rockstars..! The Series.

Since the day I posted "We, The Living", my stay at poachers' home story, something was going on in my head. I was unable to figure it out, I do not think that much though. But yes, happens sometimes.!! And so I could not write anything for some days. I was just reading and reading to find out the answer, what is it that I am searching to write when I am having 'n' number of things to write, my recent victories, sorrows, good, bad, philosophies. 

I always have decided to stay happy regardless of circumstances, seriously. And I am happy to have followed that. My happiness is not dependent, that is quite I like the most about me. Making my friends happy is another way to be happy that I found. Yes, but no expectations in return hnn..! That hurts then..and alot. There are so many people around me. 

Good or bad is like black or white, but in that gray area there exists loads of shades of endless human emotions. And I have just realized that I have met and I know so may different people across cultures, castes, religions, countries, value systems and what not. Almost all are good friends, some are teachers, some are motivators. For a second I gave it a thought to write about them. But naahh.. maja nahi aya.!! Thats not me..!

Lets do it differently, I thought. This time something for all my virtual friends. Yeahh, adrenaline uppp.!! Of course, they have an immense importance here in my life. They are even a bit more closer than real ones sometimes. I share all my feelings with them, they make me smile in tough times. Mean alot. To give it a proper justice I am going to include my those buddies also who were my real friends for some time but some how inevitably they gone virtual but the feelings are not lesser than a real one.
So, from tomorrow onwards, I shall write about all my virtual buddies, one at a time as I see them, perceive them. Some are totally virtual, never met them, but they are all my inspiration when I chat with them, exchange mails. Some are Indians, punjabis, sauthha Indians, Bengali, Bihari, Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Some Australians, Americans, many more. I am sure it will be a good trip for those who will read this as I have travelled across all the human continents of ego, selfishness, selflessness, greeds, deeds, virtues, values and what not.

The reason why I do not get angry very easily and totally believe in not giving up on any relation.

Here the list goes of my buddies.:
Abraham Lincoln, No, not The 16th US President, But he is certainly The Man of Virtue. He is 76 years old Ohio resident. A vivid ornithologist and an environment scientist.
Karina, No, not Kapoor. She is the youngest of all my virtual buddies and my day is incomplete without her.
Tamalika, The brainy filmy stuff.
Steve Waugh, Yes Former Australian Captain. We have done some of miraculous work together at Jimmy Carter Work Project.
Jimmy Carter, Yes The former US President.
Shobha De, everyone knows her. 
Sanjeev Kumar, in Kolkata we boozed like a fish, now here I miss him a lot.

And I have some more names in my mind. Lets see how it work out. 
Mainly, I shall be mentioning my views on them, good or bad, their likes, dislikes, their interests, turn ons, turn offs, how they ar important to me, their view to take life and everything that will come to my mind. 

I shall just pray they read this. Yes, its a matter immaterial as I write for my own happiness and if someone derives something from I'll be more than happy. They all are my sweethearts and they have just Rocked my world in every possible way..!! 

Starting with KaRiNaA., the BeBo.!

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