Wishlist - 10 things I want to do before see off!

Well, this is really something that I always wanted to jot down. Of course these shortlisted 10 that I strongly want to do / achieve before I see almighty, actual list is still very long. Almost in every wish you will find a touch of traveling and moving around. This is because I was born with gypsy soul.

List goes like this.

1. Live in world's most fantastic places for 1 month each, Amazon & Serengeti : Man, I can loose anything for this for all the flora and fauna in this amazing places. In India I traveled many jungles but the craziness that goes within Amazon and Serengeti is priceless.

2. Adventure sports: Yes, right now bungee jumping and sky diving are on m agenda. Can't think of scuba yet. Yet to get over the phobia

3. Become a lecturer of off beat subjects: I always know I'm a good teacher. For my domain subject I teach as a visiting faculty during Nov to Feb. But apart from domain subject I want to teach subjects like problem solving, importance of traveling, Who is Rabindranath Tagore, so on..

4. Bunk my office: Writing this on behalf of many such poor souls like me. I want to bunk office and go for a bike ride alone. And I will do it in this coming monsoon.

5. Want to be known as artist not professional: I always want this and I'm on my right way. Whenever my physical battery gets off, you should know me as an artist instead of a professional who ran in a rat race and raced for never to win. I have already started portraits drawing, joining dance class and guitar soon. huuh..damm good , what a feeling. Not only this, after going a mile ahead in this, I want to see me discussing some cool stuff with other artists.

6. Witness FIFA World Cup: In fact, this one should be No. 1 in this list.

7. Visit Istabnbul, Funchal and Disney land: Yes, since many years these cities are somehow coming across me through reading or internet or something. I really want to visit and stay in these cities on priority. 

8. Participate in triathlon: This is because even thinking of it is like challenging myself. Here more than age what matters is mental toughness. Swim, bike and run.. Pushing the limits. 

9. See an active volcano: There are 500 active volcanoes around the world. I want to see the one either of these places Iceland, Italy, japan, Costa Rica, hawaii. Hurdles are there nut still its in my wishlist. 

10. Want to love not hate .. : 

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Case 1: 

India is such place where you tend get motivation or de motivation from altogether strange things. Like for example, our Gods. Apart from the debate of theism or atheism let us get it straight that people in our country worships idols, images, photo frames, computer screens with Gods or demigods, pendants etc. and get lot more energy to sail through their fates and ill fates. On the other hand, many of the times we see them knocking the doors of tantriks, babas or other spiritually enriched demigods to get rid of deadly diseases, to get hidden treasures or even for a baby,  yes it stands true today, at this point of time when I'm writing this and your are reading this. 

This scenario is presented by many movies, books and documentaries. 

But my question was different. Is it really necessary to inherit this? Why can't we teach our children values of hard work, sacrifices, self control instead? Why can't just we make them brave enough to think logically and choose what they want? 

These questions haunted me during my formative years like a pimple on my face. At home there was a total faint possibility that I would ever get an answer. My teachers were the only hope that I could look for and they absolutely proved me true. All of them I met during my college years, graduation and post graduation, affirmed me that even though these things are inherited it’s up to me to carry the burden or not. Children during their toddler and adolescent stage are very fragile and innocent. These are the only years where you can work on their mindset and can make them brave enough to change their fates, to stand for what they feel, to push themselves beyond their limits.

Case 2:

Similarly, in the same place called India, there exists two more religions, Doctor and Engineer. Even before baby born, her parents already want her to be a doctor or an engineer, basically based on parent's current profession this decision is taken. It doesn't stop here. Even those parents, who are not doctors or engineers, also want their unborn baby to be one. Hypocrisy at its best. Similar kind of Rakshas had haunted my family too. And I wanted to become a forest officer, big blow for all the society where I was living. 

Again, my teachers were my saviours. They played very important role in my bringing up along with my parents. Today, I had 3 post graduate degrees in life sciences, wild life and forestry along with one in management. Although I don’t practice forestry, wild life and ornithology I regularly practice. Mainly, bird watching. I have published two research papers in the well known publications on rare birds. I cannot measure this or quantify this in terms of money. The satisfaction I get of what I do is intangible. 


For every pupil in India, a teacher is a blessing. I never imagine what I am today without my teachers. India has a tradition Gurudakshina. Some years back, during our school get together, one of the students asked our teacher what she does want or would like to have from us as a Gurudakshina. She humbly said, "Be a teacher to someone". Till the time we have such teachers, India is unstoppable and life is full hope, positivity and optimism. 

Today, I'm following her steps and words. I do not get much time from my corporate job to spare with students, but I make sure to spend 3 weeks of December and January with students. I usually teach them something which they do not find in their books like some niche skills. Till now, since 2.5 years, I'm following this practice and I hope to continue this for a better India, for a better future. It’s a virtuous circle. 

Jai Hind.


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Together & be

There exists something on this planet called Oxford dictionary which elaborates meaning of this word "together" as into or  in union, contact. or collision, in a condition of unity, at same time, simultaneously, compactness, coherence blah blah & blah.. But yes, its so true that unions or togetherness have some meaning. Its worthy and full of life. 

Imagine a tree, many of the times as we see, without any branches, without leaves, even without dry leaves, just a stem, it looks so alone, dull, pale. And on the other hand when we witness a canopy, its full of life, full of passion & its so much wanted.

Humans are no exceptions and I'm not at all. While learning my HR course, Maslow taught me a hierarchy of needs that all individuals crave for. It started with food & shelter, continued as sense of belonging from family, society, friends, colleagues, pets, neighbors, bikes, laptops, i pads, androids, bbm and what not, in short togetherness, and it ended up with self actualization the last segment of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. 

Ever wondered, does it really mean to be together when you are with all of the things of materialistic world? or is it something different and unique that sets you above in the world where you do not need anything? 

I was under illusion of happiness of being together with friends, my gadgets, family, relatives until I met this girl. It came from nowhere. It was awestruck. I never knew I would ever get married to her. But yes, some strokes of luck. We met accidentally and happened to get married. There is no story as such to mention as we and every one around knew that this is what that should happen. 

It started when we started our family. As days progressed, we came to know that we are truly made for each other. We never demanded anything from each other. Because we knew, we are already into each other. Recently, I came got en lighted with the concept of Ardh Nari Natershwar where Lord Shiva and Parvati are the one body, half each. 

That is so true with us. Although physically we apart from each other during the day time, spiritually we are always into us. It is something beyond love. Yes, its something spiritual that we experience every second. This is something beyond the eternal truth. "The water in a vessel is sparkling; the water in the sea is dark. The small truths has words which are clear, the great truth has great silence" says Rabindranthji. We have different likes, dislikes, opinions but I do not know that energy which bonds us. 

When we are for outing or for sabbatical, we do not even sit together at beach or around valley. We just roam on our own lost in thoughts but inside we know we are so close. This is something so positive and dynamic which supports me to through the thick and thin of the ruthless world. 

For me this is what being together mean.

Moreover to this, my solo journeys. I just love them so much that since my childhood I never needed anyone to accompany me but just one book of Rabindranath Tagore. This person is my spiritual guide towards the specific enlightenment I received in my journey till now. Reading his books is like collecting the seeds of optimism and passion. May it be Gora, Kabuliwallah, chokhe bali, Balaka or as simple as The Postmaster, every story takes you through the up and down of the life. 

When you have such a companion together, you don't need any physical entity to accompany you through your journey. 

And frankly, often I get serious kicks to travel alone. At such times if your partner is not supportive then you have to suppress the feelings which makes you suffocated. Fortunately with us, its a reverse case and we properly nourish each other interests. Sometimes it feels scary. Life is unpredictable. But then we have sail across. As Rabindranathji said, "Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them." 

Just together and be     


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