10 Things That Piss me Off..!!

This one is a very long pending tag and was dieing to finish it. Somehow, I kept it on a back foot thinking I would complete it very dearly. I just read Splurgerina's tag and that motivated me, the right time to begin is now.
So, here I am with those "Pissing me" things and believe me these really Piss me off. I may sound disciplined or a military man while you read, but trust me I am a little.

So, lets hit.. 

* hate it.. when someone uses a tooth paste like this. Its not the way to use tooth paste, press it at the bottom naa..How much does it cost?  And if its my tooth paste, you better be ready with some places to hide. It is such an unorganized way to start a day. I know we feel lazy, but no means no.


So what if its a footwear and it had to taste the dust of all places, it equally deserves good attention. It piss me off someone keeps their footwear like this, ulta-pulta or one footwear upside down. Dude, they take your care, try to listen to them. I have got full marks at Armed Forces Medical College for keeping the things as they should be, especially footwear. And I am also out of home for 8 years at hostels and at flats, so if I can then why can't we?


Its a global problem because we allow it to occur at home. And charity also starts at home. So whenever having food, if see someone wasting a food, it really piss me off. May sound absurd, so see this, in sub-Saharan Africa, at least 265 million people are hungry, heightening the travesty of the food waste problem. and read this as well  http://www.grida.no/publications/rr/food-crisis/page/3558.aspx

Spineless Men - These are always aired on TV soaps and are also present around. It piss me off when them losing their balls and masculinity for at least that is rational and gets backs, fronts and centers from their wives. Idiots.


I truly believe in reading everything that I can. There are so many thoughts and so many things to learn in this darm small life. This is such a powerful tool to get an insight in everything, especially poems. I hate and feel pity for the one who dont read. But its ok, sometimes someone cannot get along with it. But the thing that truly piss me off is when someone says "kaise padhte ho yaar?? reading is such a boring thing", Atleast dont make fun of it dude.


Know her..?? Piss me off, when I am with such kind of girls. I hate girls who plans, plots and created rifts between friends and family. I can smell them immediately and I have already kicked on their bumps.


Just because you reveal it does not mean I'll get hooked. There is difference between being slutty and being sexy, just as being Rakhi Sawant and being Katrina Kaif. Hate those chicks who thinks they can rule the worlds with their revealing curves. naah.! There are so many nice girls, why you.?


Needless to say, why it piss me off.!! Making out in public place is such an unholy thing. Go to your room naa. or rent a motel. But like this..ewww..~


I don't like it when someone barks his order at a waiter. or call him like " aee..shhuk shukkk.." especially those drunkards. Two pegs down and they feel they rule the world. 

Ok, so now its almost done.. Finally.. Its yukk thing I hate.

99.9% of the times I avoid it, but there are certain high times in man's life that he has to face and can't escape.
It is one those times. It has so much pathetic odor of NH3, ammonia, that I hold my breath for those peeing seconds. And you ever visit this place, you will see so many kinds of a things, from erotic to literature on sex education, are written on those walls. Its really pisssssssssssssssiing one.

OK..so now I am tagging all those who have not done this post. yeyy.. m done.

Dip wala Gender Stereotype tag is still pending. I'l finish that one also asap. Guys, I hope you are having a rocking time.
Stay happy n smiling.

Shantanu. :)

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