It should be "was departed.." Im not someone who easily falls in friendship, forget love n all. Im a friend with each and everyone, but my friends are very very few. And all of them who are my friends have gone through so many tough times with me and are still there for me with my swings, spins, abuses and what not.. My darlings.. !!!! 

Yesterday I came back from my one of memorable tours.. started from Jabalpur - Jaipur - Dilli - Mathura - Agra - Fatehpur Sikri - Jabalpur. Now Im shifted to Bangalore so I need to rush for bangalore so on the same day when I landed JBP,  I started for Nagpur - Pune - Bangalore. Now Im in Pune. 

In morning my Mum called to tell me that my oldest friend Yogesh is getting married and was trying my old number. I was like "what the fuck... yogya is also getting married... now Im the last one in my group who is left.. F** man.!!" Khushi bhi tha n I don't know what the hell was that feeling.. 

The only thing I realized was how the heel forgot to give him my number.. not one month two months.. its damn 2 years, Im good for nothing..!! so many thoughts were going on in my mind. Im always good with remembering my beloveds phone numbers, birth dates n minor details. I knew I remember his number but was not sure that still its the same. But, anyways, thought to take a chance. 

Dialled.. Not reachable.. again dialled.. he picked up.! 

Me - Yogya..
Yogya - who
Me - " timepass.." (this used to be our favorite song when we were hostelites.. Its Rani Mukherjee n Govinda's flick Hadh Kardi aapne...usme wo gaana hai "aa pyaar karen bindasss..wala") so we used to address ek dusreko TOTAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL...
Yogya -  Saaalaa , kuttaa... blahblaha... (to much abuse..Loved it)
Time for meeting fixed.. I never knew how it feels to meet a friend after 2 long years. Now I know, its a joy and terrific love. Want to thank God for meeting me with such a wonderful angels.. 

Hardly gets emotional n all.. I have to get drunk today, Im missing her badly. ! 

N look Bebo awarded me.. Thank you so much bebo, it may be virtual but I truly believe the prayers always plays its role even we do not meet or know each other.. You the best friend I can ever have. 


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