My Fag Tag : Splurgerina's Tag. :)

Well, first things first. Thanks to Splurgerina for honoring me with "Sunshine Award" and tagging me to write about the 10 things that "Piss me Off". Later as I requested  she suggested a headline "10 Things That Stress Me Out Enough to Smoke!" and its so cool, I thought n it is.

I still remember the day when I took my first Fag and my first booze 25th Oct.2005. Culprit my younger brother.!! 

But to be very frank I am not at all a compulsive smoker. Yes I smoke but only on the following occasions. Its never with me like other guys who cant' even do potty without a cigarette. Stress, emotional trauma, heartbreak ewww..!!..nopez.!! these are really not always strong enough to induce nicotine need in me. And those who induce are not that weak as they look. Anyways, lets get started..

1. These Men :

Whenever I see this man smoking, holding the bud in the far deep between the two fingers, its so tempting.!! And he was in the same position when I saw him in "Fire n Ice". Such a kool man with compulsive smoking. And I am quite sure I am gona have one fag when I'll see "Once upon a time in Mumbai". Ajay in Haji Bhai's avtar.! Well, I am not at all his fan n all, but yes I appreciate the attitude he displays, especially his eys heart throb..!!

Yes, he is the one I love alot. Rajanikanth. Waiting so desperately for his next release, Endhiran. What a style he has got.!! Awesome, just awesome. I shall always have one only one fag after seeing him.  

Yes, he is my he is heart throb also. No, I am not south Indian.

2. Places :

I truly believe places have their effect on me for smoking wholeheartedly. And at these places if you are not smoking then you are absolutely missing out on a lifetime fun. The ambiance demands it. The places which are close to my heart are :

                     - Tantra & Someplace Else @ Kolkata.
                     - Fire n Ice & Indya key @ Pune
                     - Apache @ Pune
                     - Everything on Bridgade Road, Bangalore.
                     - Liquids @ Banjara hills, Hyderabad.
                    - All the night outs in Mumbai & Delhi in open jeep and in Pune on bike, Magical.

but I do not remember ever exceeding the limit. It's always maximum 6 cigarettes with the gap of 40 min. That really gives you a high.

3. Exams and Hostel:

Believe me, in fact many of you must have experienced this, it is one the best times in your entire life when you are at hostel during your Grad or Post Grad days. No, hostel days of school can not really give that kind of a high. I know I am not telling you something out of  the world thing. But you know hostel is such a pavlovian thing for smoking. In hostel nights are days and vice-versa. And when exams knocks, we used to feel so studious with cigarette in hand.
Do you remember that video song that they used to air on Doordarshan, " Cigarette in my hand, burns a man.." where the boy smokes n smokes and finally he become a skeleton.?? I still remember, in hostel, we saw that song, discussed on all the hazardous effects of smoking and sweared to quit smoking for the well being of our wives, progeny and the rest of family, of course not for ourselves, and got so tensed that at 2.30am we went to bus stand for Tea and Fag.!! The comment was," bhai.. ye last, kal se band.." and we are still waiting for that "Kal". So true.. tomorrow never dies.. ;-)

And of course, if we smoke during exam nights, its not our sin, refer whole student community in the word "Our". I remember when my wing partner cleaned his room after the exams, it was 5 cm thick layer of cigarette ash. And we celebrated that. Dirty naa...I know.!! That gave us a lesson of hygine.

So, now the status is, whenever we roommates meet, once in a blue moon as everyone is in the different parts of the planet, it calls for a fag. Memories.!!

4. Highways and travels:

Yes, this is the one thing that gives me kind of an orgasm. No drug, LSD, marijuana can ever be comparable with traveling on highway. May be on bike, in state transport bus, in car, in bulock cart, from village or taluka or metro. I just love every bit of traveling. And I feel so happy even when I am traveling alone. So ya that calls for a fag. I am still in that memory, when I and Upendra traveled all the western ghats, i.e. Konkan Maharashta, goa, coastal karnataka, to down Kerala, and have not smoked in whole journey just to have a fag at Dudhsagar. Its a    wildest waterfall in monsoon at south goa where no 
vehicle dares to reach. So, we walked around 20 km through Konkan railway tunnels, totally drenched in rains. When we reached the place, the water fall was like bournvita mixed milk one side and the other side was dragon valley.

Such triumphs truly desreves fag. Believe me its fun smoking when you win. Ya, the thing to mention is we detached 25 litches from my body which were sucking my blood while we walked through the tunnels.

5. On the ride with Ethanol:

Well, do I need to say anything regarding this.? Smoke tastes fabulous with some of the elite class scotches. 

6. Smoking girls:
Frankly telling you, I scarcely like a girl or a woman smoking. No, no chauvinist issue. But I always feel that all the woman community should be in good health. Yes, I am a selective feminist. If you visit NCC canteen of Symbi in Pune or Xaviers' in Mumbai, n ya IIM C, Kolkata, I was feeling like, "Man, see here. Every gal in here is smoking and what are you waiting for.??" And if offer comes to you in the form of "Bidi Jailaeele Jigar se piya", it become inevitable to conserve the many masculine things. But its a good experience smoking with them. 

7. This Movie:

If you have not yet seen this then please, please, please see it. In the first half watching, I can not ever resist the temptation of smoking. And I take almost two to three fags.The hero, Nick Naylor, is tobacco lobbyist in this film.

Later half is little preaching. But the way this hero sales the smoking is outrageous. Very very impressive. The film clearly - and repeatedly - hammers home the point that in our culture, any viewpoint can be defended with the right tactics, regardless of truth or ethics. 

The best part I liked in this film is Naylor and his alcohol lobbyist friends, meets every week and jokingly calls themselves as MOD squad, Merchants of Death.

So, this movie always acts as a catalyst for me to have one fag.

8. Emotional tides and ebbs:

Needless to say, noone is deprived of the privilege of  going through emotional traumas. Of course, cigarette of alcohol is not at al the solution to anything. But yes, I do agree and have experienced, it helps minimise the effects. On rare occassions that I clearly remember I had smoked when I was sad. But I do make a point to not smoke on the same sad occasions. I remember I smoked a whole packet of 20 cigarrettes when my parents sold my 20 yrs old bicycle when I was away from home. I was truly sad at that time and was cursing everything. The occasion was the death of my beloved. well, I should not remember this in this ill sinusital stage as I am feeling to have a fag.
Heartbreak had played its role in the early teen. But I have shortened my learning curve so no more sadness n all. Everything is cool.

9. Exotic Brands:

I always believe in trying out new things, new places, new food, new living styles and what not. So how cigarettes can be an exception?

 Any new brand that is rare is my turn on to hava a fag. As I have tried 350 bucks/ pc cigarette, so the 5bucks/ 50pcs bidis. eww.. but please do stay away from bidis. Bad very bad.

10. Friends and beloveds:

whooaa.. finally reached on 10th..!! Obviously, my list is incomplete without mentioning my beloveds in smoking list. There are very rare people or call them friends whom I am comfortable smoking. This is because they maintain certain class. And I love the way the sharing of thoughts goes on with each fag. On top of my list is my younger bro. Sometimes I feel he is very elder to me as  kind of maturity he displays. He alwyas accuses me for being crazy and weired for most of the times, but I know in deep of heart he likes my way. I so miss him as he is away working for stupid IT stuff. Sitting on the bench near the lake in my town and having a fag is our big time memory.
And of course, when its a reunion of school and college buddies, it always calls for a fag.

Ohh..My God.. I forgot the most important one..!!

11. Emraan Hashmi:

Since the year 2004, Emraan Hashmi has created a big inferiority complex in all the Indian male community. Murder released that year. And till date the comple has its place. The reason was and is having being previliged of getting a tag of "Serial Kisser" by acting the same. We as a student had and have the same complex cum a bit of jealousy for his God gift. 
I remember, we came out of the theatre after watching Murder and had 3 fags in series, the comment was "saala.. doston at least  serial smoker toh bano". Since then whenevr his movie releases, we get on conference from different parts of the planet, curse him, and have a Fag. Silly.. but fact. !!

uff.. I am through with the thing. The important thing to mention is I have tremendously taken a backstep on smoking as the turn ons mentioned above are very rare these days and all my best buddies do not like me smoking. And I truly feel to respect their affection towards me.

Today is 27th day, I have not smoked.

Well, regarding tagging. I donot know whom should I tag? All my followers are very very good girls. So I am puzzeled. If anyone you smoke then feel free to get these tag, else I am tagging all the other non followers of my blog who smoke.

Enough for the day. Going through fever and have taken two injections in upper borders of both the eyebrows for sinus. 

All the Love and hugs(ya it works.)

Shantanu. :)
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