Please Pray.

Need your help. My friend's father has suffered a cardiac arrest. He is gona get operated for Bi-Pass.

I consider both of them, Uncle and Auntie, not less than my own parents. I love them alot. I donot know God listens to me or not, so asking you.

Please pray for my friend as well. She is facing a very hard time right now, I know she wont let me know as I become tensed. She is all alone there along with her Mom. And God knows how she is handling all this. She is already very depressed because of her own issues.

Please wish her a good husband.

I cannot see this. I am feeling like shit. I am here 3500km away from her when I should be there with her. I cannot move for one week as doctor has suggested rest else sinus will burst. Its crap man.

Guys, please do me a favour. Please pray for them. I wont ask for anything.

Ganpati Bappa.. are you listening.? what are you doing with your mates??

cannot sleep tonight.
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