Weird and Strange..

I do not  know what exactly that goes on in a girl's mind, never tried to know as well but honest. But recently I am getting such a weird experiences of them. I am getting so many friend requests from the girls who were my classmates, not long ago, just two years back.

Yes, you may wonder whats' that so strange. Well, it is.!! When I was all there, they never took any effort to acknowledge even my existence in the class. I do not know whether they were even having any good friend  as they either used to be with their BFs, at parties or at hostel.

So, suddenly what happened.?? Almost all the girls who wants to be friends with me are married, at such a young age, eww.., obviously not with their BFs, whatever its their life. But the pathetic part is they are idle and keep hitting the PC buttons the whole day, and now they are interested to know what is my hometown.!!

haha.. so mean.!! There are so many grey shades, life is too short to witness them.

Anyways, people love u.

Shantanu. :)
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