Journeys and Serects.

This is my secret image, cannot upload on FB that is why sharing with you all here. Wo FB pe doorki behen n other rishtedaar hain, so you know.. Little family pange n all.

Its my favorite pic, took this snap when I was in Agra. When you come out of Taj Mahal, there is Taj Restaurant n Beer bar by Taj Group, only beer served. And its since long time, almost 9 months and some days that I didn't have beer. I was already high when I saw that ecstatic creation, Taj.

Wow.. what a time it was. I was all alone..I actually like traveling alone like this, no restrictions, no hurry, you are always in peace n happiness, you can enjoy each n every moment and can store it in your heart for the lifetime. I was already on "Cloud 9" before coming to Agra, I reached Agra via Jhansi..

In Jhansi, I met my cousin Uncle, his Sons, his grandsons, my lovely n soooo sweet bhabhis and what not, that too after 25 years. That time I came to know my family tree is so huge and also that Im an Uncle of my  nephews. They are too adorable, uploaded their pics on FB. The weather was too good when got down at Jhansi Station at 4am, it was 1 degree temperature and 10% visibility. i always get a high with such atmospheres. I was treated like a prince at home, after all 25 years was no small deal.

It was just a geographical distance that kept us apart, but now "Ata me ahe naa dada (ab main hun na dada).." as I told to my Uncle, n he was smiling through his artificial teeth, glossy n shiny wrinkles n through white eyebrows.. I felt him so contended when he was talking about his journey from the small village to the pioneering place in Govt. of India.

When I was a kid I saw him staying in 8 by 10 room with his wife.. n now he owns a bungalow of the rooms, I dont remember number of rooms, the last time I remember I counted was 17. He has 3 sons all stay together with their wives, kids n one sweet tenant. Touchwood, such a great thing to see joint family, that too my family.

Anyways, Jhansi was all fun, then I started towards Agra in the early morning to meet my other cousin brother, thi Uncles' 3rd Son. When started with the train I found it so amazing that train goes through UP, MP, Rajasthan and then again UP.. "fun n happiness"  All along the way I was enjoying "Sarson ke khet" all the yellow mellow flowers were spread till the end you can see through your eyes. "adrenaline up."

 In Cyclce rikshaw.. streets of Agra.

Ok, I was so much drifted away from the main topic, MY SECRET pic, 1st one. So, after enjoying all the glory and glam of The Taj, I was little famished and felt to have some snacks or fruit juice and so I spotted this Taj resto Bar. As soon as I entered, there was something in that air that lifted me from inside, I truly don't know what that was, but for sure I'm going to visit that place once again before winters ends. 

I made myself relaxed in the last corner chair, secluded n isolated from the rest n from where I could view the Taj rush and smoky fog also. Menu card was handed over to me by one typical "agraa waiter", who became my good friend in that 1.25hrs. 

Im very bad at giving orders, actually I get scared of menu cards and thats why I generally prefer street food, but that day was trap. I kept down that menu card, called that waiter and asked him --
"tum batao, kya achha milega ??"
Waiter - Sir, aap ki taste pe depend karta hai.? veg non veg.?
Me - yaar, heavy khane ka mood nahi hai.
W - Biryani lelo? 
Me - "winks / smiles / blushes" - good idea. kaun bayega? kaisi banayega?
W - Sir, aap bas khao, baki main hun. 
Me- daru bhi hai idhar?
W - Beer hai sir, sirf Kingfisher? 
Me- ummm..
W - aap akele hain sir, toh masti ,main lijiye. agraa khush ho jayega. 
Me - marketing kar raha hai kya?
W- sir muze toh utna peesa (salary) milna hai, aap dekhlo.
Me (along with rongate (excitement)) - le aa.. chakna / snacks?
W- kuch nahi hai sir.. sirf paapad. !! naam ka bar hai sir. 
Me - No issues. ek paapad. 

I cannot explain that heavenly feeling. Not that I was high n all..but yeahh... that Suroor was terrific. ! I took Ayn Rand, I recently bought this in Bhopal, its a fabulous book as usual, Ayn Rand, went n reading, was feeling there is no need to die to go to heaven, its here only. Was little senti, but its ok, khudke liye senti hona I would love to.

 N ya beer tastes too good when you sip it after a long time. N those are  my fav gadgets,, jyada hi fi nahi hai, its ok.. I love them. That is IDEE ke shades, biught from Kalkata.. Love them too much..

Rest is fine.  I miss you all too too much. I can't write very often when I want to, currently I have no home to stay in jabalpur, searching some good cozy place.. Will move from jabalpur very soon, next may be any good metro, depends on company. But do keep in mind I always read your posts and I feel very much connected. 

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