Bad.. too bad.!!

I already knew yesterday night, it will happen. This is one of the pathetic feelings I ever get before Sinus hit me.. aaaaaaAAaa.. this is how I am screaming now out of this ache...

Dip / Splurgy before even doing "Pissing things" tag, I am announcing here. This sinus not only piss me off, it sucks, I hate this thing from the bottom of my heart. 

Not able to focus on anything. So many things left to be done, tags, drama rehearsals, writings, roaming.. Not even able to see TV or Laptop. I am writing this wearing my shades, this is 9.22pm.. wtf man..!! N why mom scolding for this if she knew.. 
ciao guys.. 

Ganpati bappa.. sinus kyun banaya.??  :( ):
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