Role Change..

Sometimes job rotation is inevitable. I am experiencing the same. Mom slipped in the bathroom 3 days ago. Dad is in the hospital for food poisoning since 2 days.! 

So I am the only parent they have with them. Little bro is caught up with work load, that's not an issue. Its an enlightenment to play this role. From garden to kitchen, from buying vegis to buying kirana, from chopping onion to chopping finger, ouch lil bleeded, didnt tell anyone,  from breakfast to dinner, from dudhwala to kachrawala n what not. 

Parents faces and do so many things for me, daily.

And I am so happy I am doing at least this bit for them, of course I didn't want this way but cant help it. 

The thought is : I just love u Mom, dad salute to u.!  

Wanted cigarette today, but donot know why did I avoid it? ya, changes are in evitable. 
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