Wishlist - 10 things I want to do before see off!

Well, this is really something that I always wanted to jot down. Of course these shortlisted 10 that I strongly want to do / achieve before I see almighty, actual list is still very long. Almost in every wish you will find a touch of traveling and moving around. This is because I was born with gypsy soul.

List goes like this.

1. Live in world's most fantastic places for 1 month each, Amazon & Serengeti : Man, I can loose anything for this for all the flora and fauna in this amazing places. In India I traveled many jungles but the craziness that goes within Amazon and Serengeti is priceless.

2. Adventure sports: Yes, right now bungee jumping and sky diving are on m agenda. Can't think of scuba yet. Yet to get over the phobia

3. Become a lecturer of off beat subjects: I always know I'm a good teacher. For my domain subject I teach as a visiting faculty during Nov to Feb. But apart from domain subject I want to teach subjects like problem solving, importance of traveling, Who is Rabindranath Tagore, so on..

4. Bunk my office: Writing this on behalf of many such poor souls like me. I want to bunk office and go for a bike ride alone. And I will do it in this coming monsoon.

5. Want to be known as artist not professional: I always want this and I'm on my right way. Whenever my physical battery gets off, you should know me as an artist instead of a professional who ran in a rat race and raced for never to win. I have already started portraits drawing, joining dance class and guitar soon. huuh..damm good , what a feeling. Not only this, after going a mile ahead in this, I want to see me discussing some cool stuff with other artists.

6. Witness FIFA World Cup: In fact, this one should be No. 1 in this list.

7. Visit Istabnbul, Funchal and Disney land: Yes, since many years these cities are somehow coming across me through reading or internet or something. I really want to visit and stay in these cities on priority. 

8. Participate in triathlon: This is because even thinking of it is like challenging myself. Here more than age what matters is mental toughness. Swim, bike and run.. Pushing the limits. 

9. See an active volcano: There are 500 active volcanoes around the world. I want to see the one either of these places Iceland, Italy, japan, Costa Rica, hawaii. Hurdles are there nut still its in my wishlist. 

10. Want to love not hate .. : 

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