hey.. dis is my new blog account that i hv just started.,Thanks to Alok.

I am really excited about this as I am having lot more things to share with you people. Ofcourse, at the same time i would like to be a part of never ending learning process.

Although this creature is interested in each and everything n each n every topics that exits on this Mother Earth, no maths n physics please, the vital contributions my side would be on Life sciences, literature, Trekking n Moutaineering n much more as far as something that strikes to my mind.

The Randomness of Life would be an interesting n facinating topic to u people as very less has been told n written about it. I shall try my best to be the wholehearted contributor of this.

The warlords n legends loved by that inuntiated GOD have already done so much work on the vary topics those I have mentioned above. I would act as their follower n believer and would share my little experience from the time i came to this world.

Looking forward for the generous support..!!

Tough Times Never Lasts..But Tough People Do..!!!

Shantanu. :)

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Adrija said... @ August 12, 2009 at 8:48 PM

Hey very good...I really liked the blog site (dont know exactly the technical term) created by you...Its very interesting...Great work!!!

rasika said... @ January 16, 2010 at 11:55 PM

Excellent job :) miss u :(

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