The Love Bridge - Some interesting Facts Findings

When I was incepted in Kolkata before 8 months, there was hardly anything other than my best friend and Howrah Bridge that I knew about.

Gradually, as usual my journey towards exploration then started, to see new places, to learn new language, to experience new feelings and to see life OUT OF THE BOX, its inevitable for me, always, I am born like that only.

Anyways, the journey and experience is astounding. Suddenly, rather recently, I have realised bridges have become an integral and some special part of my Bengali life. Surprised..!!! me too..

See, I stay in Kestopur. For coming here from Salt Lake I have cross either 7 no. bridge or Boishakhi bridge both of them are present in 2 forms : Concrete and Bamboo. amazing structures. I am crossing these bridges since the time I stepped in here. Then I came to know that the case is not onlt with me but almost every Bengali has a special importance of Bridge in his life.

And no wonder that, when you see Howrah Bridge, sounds and feels so True.. Such a giant structure with no pillars below. I have experienced the summer of Kolkata which is almost killing for someone like me who is for the first time in Kolkata directly from little bit warmer n colder place. Its been said that in this heat Howrah Bridge expands by 4ft in the day time. You will believe this when you'll experience the heat.

BTW, for now its Vidyasagar setu aka Twin Howrah Bridge for me, something very closer to the beating side of body.

Lets Bridge the Gaps. The journey will continue...

Fact File
» Cost: Rs. :388 crores
» Established - 1992
» Supported by - 121 wire cables, 457m. Long & 115 m. wide.

Located 2 the south of Howrah Bridge, the Vidyasagar Setu is Kolkata's newest suspension bridge across the Hooghly.

About Vidyasagar Setu
Vidyasagar Setu, also known as second Hooghly Bridge, a Golden Gate Bridge which connects the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah. The morning scenes of slipping Kolkata from this bridge is simply mind blowing. With 9 lanes of traffic routes the bridge is capable of handling more than 85,000 vehicles every day.

It was built to reduce vehicular pressure from the latter. The construction work took 22 years and cost Rs. 3.88 billion and finally it was opened to traffic officially on 10th October 1992. It is a most sophisticated engineering marvel and the world's third largest cable-stayed bridge. Supported by 121 wire cables, it is 457 m. long and 115 m. wide. This graceful structure stands on four pylons, on a foundation that is 100 m. deep. It affords a panoramic view of the Calcutta skyline. The Vidyasagar Setu or the second Hooghly Bridge spans over the Hooghly River linking Calcutta to its twin city of Howrah and on to Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. This is a toll bridge and gives a fast connection from downtown Kolkata to the Botanical Gardens (which has the world's biggest banyan tree) and the Bengal Engineering College.
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