(Dipti + Sonal + Swati + Splurja +Pavitra + Nosto) = Shantanu

 I seriously cannot stay at a place where I do get some kind of a high or some kind of a "Nashaa". Well, I don't know why did I write this sentence? 

Anyways, its since ages that I have been to my blog. Last some days are truly memorable for me and I know its not gonna end here as I am going to go places in coming  months. Its a great deal of satisfaction and contentment I am experiencing that one craves for out of his job. Its a magical feeling when you see lives of grass root people are getting altered because of your one act, may its professional by your point of view, but its truly a big deal for you.

I have so many stories to tell, about people, about places, about food, about egos, attitudes n so much. Rarely do I get a good time to write all this stuff. Weekends I go for tracking or some kind of a site seeing when I am in a new a place. Since last month, I have explored some unknown places in and around bangalore, davangere, Mysore, tumkur, aurangabad, Delhi and so many small n remote places. And of course food without fail. I can't afford to miss regional food tastes. So you see its totally a packed week and I have told many of you, my dell baby do not allow me to open my blog.

But ya, I do keep in touch with all of those on FB. I bought one super k0ol nokia machine which takes some awesome photographs, "with sigh," abhi tak sirf mere cabin, chair n ek mera he photu liya maine...kitne saare fotos lene hai...!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll upload those on FB, almost all of you are there in my FB list, "blush rising"..

I truly miss you all veryyy muchhh..!! Dip, I was always in touch with your mood, these days I don't know what are you upto. I am starting reading your stuff right away. Today only, me ans Swati were discussing about you, soo see how much do we care and always wana be in touch with you. 

Bebo..!! Sonal, now you have became an inevitable friend that I cannot afford to lose. I am truly thankful of this place aka venting machine for having met us, FB  also. Its always fun and refreshing as I have already mentioned on FB, to share thoughts with you. The basic vital element that I like of this friendship is its no exaggeration and its just like that. No matter how less I'm on blog, I am so happy FB has given that place to catch up. Always be happy, all the good things, good people, best friends are there for you and you are a serious sweetheart..! 

Swati mata, you rockkk..!! and yes you also a sweetheart and love you too.!! I know you hate flattering and can tear one up if you don't like, but I can do it well. zel lo..! I have already done you tarrif there at FB and I mean it girl. Find some time to write some posts I'l be obliged. all the best.  and follow me na yaar, I want you here in my friend list.

Splurjo Splurjo Splurjo..... remember me kya?? kahan ho tum, infact you should ask this to me. but anyways, I miss you and your mature words too. I'll mail you tonight. 

Nosto girl.. I have some god wishes for you. first of all a peace of mind, all the happiness in the world, and love love love..!! all that you deserve.  

Pavitra.. Its as if I am doing a sin that I am not reading your posts. But I'll make sure to read out all those this weekend. You really write well, no doubts, its blessing to write poems
I shall write one interesting post of my interesting experience in bangalore. 

for now guys aasata la vistaa..!

loads of love n luckss..


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What's in a name? said... @ September 30, 2010 at 7:40 AM

Hahahhahahaaha... Shantanu :D Mujhe yeh 'follow' business pata nahi tha yaar :P Nahi but see now I am following you (stalking u) :D :D What a random yet sweet post. And yes, its awesome to get a high with your job. Nothing compares to it coz office is where you are 50 hours a week or more :| So glad ur loving it :) Good luck !

Jeweliot said... @ September 30, 2010 at 11:53 AM


! thank you..

have fun .. good luck with everything

bebo ♥ said... @ September 30, 2010 at 1:01 PM

amazingly amazing lol...
Hugsss shanu...:-)
and the better part was to see you here again after so long....i wanna see ur cabin.

bebo ♥ said... @ September 30, 2010 at 1:01 PM

i mean the para about me.

Jeweliot said... @ October 1, 2010 at 1:23 PM

samajh gaye bebo :p

@ shan - i cant be thankful enough for understanding friends like you. you knew i was going through a mood swing and knew i'd be back soon. as always. friends like you make it easy for me to be me. without guilt

thank you

Shantanu said... @ October 1, 2010 at 7:30 PM

Swati - sooooooo good, you are here at my place.! thanks for your words and you are correct about 50 hrs wala thing. good luck to you too.

Bebo and Dip - hugs n hugs.. yu aa da swwwthrt friends. Please meri shaadi mein jarur aana, Swati you also.

Jeweliot said... @ October 4, 2010 at 1:05 AM

kab hai teri shadi

Shantanu said... @ October 6, 2010 at 7:10 PM

pehle ladki toh dekhne n dikhne do..!! bahut tym hai..

Splurgerina said... @ November 4, 2010 at 9:34 AM

So sweet Shantanu!!! :)what's happening though...I feel like we need a newsletter or something to keep up with all the bloggers!!! What's all this stuff about u getting married??? :O I was in India for 2 months so was MIA and now the bf is here so have been really busy with him!! Hope you're having fun traveling to all the places...if u have time update your blog and tell us about these places from time to time or at least share pics here, cuz I'm not on Facebook remember!! I wanna see pics too!!

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