The "M" Factor - MARD

Frankly, this "M" factor is haunting me since some last two or so years, when I saw the bolly hit movie "Mard" very seriously. From that time to till date I am kind of harassing almost all of my friends with the dialogues of this movie that I mu med consciously..

See these powerproof words below, I just love them and I have tried on nearby 20 to 25 girls and have got a great astonishing response:

Its a scene when Amrita Singh hits her car to ABs' traditional "Maa" Nirupaa Roy and she gets injured. At the same time AB is passing by with his tanga, horsecart. He then indulges in fight with her bodyguard.

After all the dhishum dhishum..

Amrita: kya naam hai tumhara.?

AB: wahi jo har aurat ke jubaa pe hotahai. (chest scene and in the back ground 5 men shouts MARD MARDMARD) then movie title appears as shown in the side pic.

and he shows his chest, see ABs' pic on the side, where MARD is sculpted by his father with sharp knife, see the blood(y) pic, in his new born days.

Then he receives public appreciation where public collectively says," Jiske seene mein dusron keliye dard hota hai, wahi MARD hota hai."

Just imagine me throwing these dialogues at the right time, it works. I don't know for what it works, but you suddenly become best buddy of all. No impressing girls n all haan, I avoid it. Its useless, girls smells it immediately and avoids you..

So, why, why the hell am I pouring all this in here and sharing with you guys.? To be very frank, I was writing some comment on The Splurgerinas' blog post yesterday and there I mentioned something about Dard and Mard n all.. So it did strike very badly to what does it exactly mean, Mard.? From mens' point of view.

Is it just the only thing to dominate the female and be superior physically.? or shout on her and get the work done as a slave..? or tolerating those Sharp Knife sculptures on the chest. I guess gone are those days, wont work now. Today its all about the changed definitions. It was OK in the Mard days, late 80s. Now stakes are very high, I guess. No,, seriously. Its pretty easy to do all these things, even to get blood(y) tattoo of your gf on your arm. There is something more to it, to be a Mard.

Its a tough job being a Todays' Mard. You have to prove yourself at each and every step. Its not about getting superior to any or to entire female community, being a feminist I also always believe in empowering the Right females. Its not that issue. Ropewalk, yes not less than a ropewalk. Being Mard is a character, it may be male or female as far as I view this, because its a command, an earned respect for the purpose you have achieved by putting all the necessary efforts, by sacrificing, and deserving the victory.

May sound weired or absurd, may be..!! But deserving the victory is not the only masculine right.. right.! Females equally, sometimes little more, put in all the efforts to all the things that a man can do. yes yes, its not any female empowerment article, but its fact naa..! So I feel Mard is a character than any male or female on this planet can play. Also, I feel that its tagged only with males because since ancient times male is a breadwinner. Not anymore.

At the same time its an Ego.! Belive me not all the males don't feel that happy to see the female counterpart earning head to head with them., not all men are Shantanu ;) lol.. but true. So, what bothers them.? what exactly todays' Mard feels..? Has it given a rise to cut throat competition, glass ceiling, rapes, psycho fancy of bosses, ditching, dumping, two timings, frustrations, depressions..n what not.? Yes.. certainly it has given rise to all this. And all this for what..!!

Quite sometime back, I was going through some rape stats n all, wont go in percentage thing, but the reasons. As per the UN report the major causes are anger, desire for power, sadism, evolutionary pressures and lastly sexual gratification. So, whats going wrong.? I guess, somehow males are feeling a missing of that string, acceptance. Lets face it, not every soldier can become Achilles, if you have seen Troy you'll get it. So, the pressure of being an Achilles is mounting, as I can see around.

He faces abusing boss at office, gets pissed of between wife and a mom at home, his children thinks he is incompetent as he has not changed his car since two years, no enough time for friends, alcohol and fag gives him relief but socially unacceptable.. Sounds suffocating, right..!! Lets see bachelors.. almost burn out to impress girlfriend with all the unnecessary things, ostentation's as The Splugerina calls, whose half life is not even bigger than that of our mobiles' battery life. Status.. Is it all that girls want.?? Not all girls of course..

But take my word, he can go to any darn extent to prove his mettle to his girl, boy, wife, or whatever.. Its like that only. For a man, a real man, his biggest achievement in his life is to be able to nurture his family or beloved with his stroke of efforts and to not to get anything in return, but The Love. And the biggest disappointment or pain is not able to do so. My view of course. It may differ widely. For some pain is to his gf with other n lots more things are there. But for these things time cures these wounds.

So, to me this "The M Factor" is really concerned with the purpose of a man in his life - to work, to create, to excel, and to be concerned about his world and its affairs. Loads and loads has been written in Bhagwadgeeta, Bible and in many more holy pages about the Man, his purpose and lot more philosophy is there. Don't want to touch spirituality and all, I am not that literate. I always vote for a man is equal to beer as both are available in stronger and milder forms. Strong beer goes through many tough stages of distillation to gain its existence, so as a strong man to become a MARD and vice-versa.

Finally, after all the gyaan and all, time to chill. Lets stay happy and love ourselves as we are.

And love beer as well. Its Gods' The best creation after man.

Luck. Shan :)

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Splurgerina said... @ May 27, 2010 at 5:30 AM

I think a real "mard" is someone who's beyond all this chauvinist crap and is comfortable in his own skin..who doesn't have to prove all the time that he's a man!! Like the real SRK..saw him on Tere Mere Beach mein and he was completely happy being labeled a "joru ka ghulam", said he didn't mind parking his woman's car or holding her bag and a lot of other stuff that I don't remember...but while watching it I that's a real man!!:)

Shantanu Datar said... @ May 27, 2010 at 8:49 AM

Yes.. certainly. I remember this word "MCP" used by girls. I have also seen SRK saying these things on "Life of SRK" on Travel and Living.!! I wish many more MCPs will walk his way. :)

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