Excerpt from My Bible.

"The question is not who is going to allow me,
its who is gonna stop me."  - Ayn Rand.

One of the best excerpt from Ayn Rand's, The Fountainhead. This is the seventh time I am reading this book. 
To me, its nothing lesser than Geeta, Bible or Quran. Published in 1953, its still the bestseller at every outlet. 

Following words are through a character of Howard Roark. He should be my separate blog post. 
You wont regret reading this.The grace of Objectivity.
"Nothing is given to man on earth. Everything he needs has to be produced. And here man faces his basic alternatives : he can survive in only one of two ways - by the independent work of his own mind or as a parasite fed by the minds of others.

The creator originates. The parasite borrows. The creator faces nature alone. The parasite faces nature through an intermediary.

The creator's concern is the conquest of nature. The parasite's concern is the conquest of men.

The creator lives for his work. He needs no other men. His primary goal is within himself. The parasite lives second-hand. He needs other. Others become his prime motive.

The basic need of the creator is independence. The reasoning mind cannot work under any form of compulsion. It cannot be curbed, sacrificed or subordinated by any consideration whatsoever. It demands total independence in function and in motive.

To a creator, all relations with men are secondary.

The basic need of second-hander is to secure his ties with men in order to be fed. He places relations first. He declares that man exists in order to serve others. He preaches altruism.

NO MAN CAN LIVE FOR ANOTHER. He cannot share his spirit just as he cannot share his body. The man who attempts to live for others is a dependent.

The relationship produces nothing but a mutual corruption. It is impossible in concept. The nearest approach to it in reality - the man who lives for others - is the slave.

The conquered slave has a vestige of honour. He has the merit of having resisted and considering his condition evil. But the man who enslaves him voluntarily in the name of love is the basest of creatures. He degrades the dignity of man and degrades the conception of love. But this is the essence of altruism."

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Rockstar II - Steve Waugh.!

It will be a little bigger post. Don't mind. 

To me he's a Booster of Adrenaline.

Needless to say, I am writing after quite a long space. Family first. So, here I am continuing "My Rockstar" series. Earlier, I had thought I would write only about Steve Waugh, but I think I should include my JCWP, Jimmy Carter Work Project, buddies because of whom I could meet Steve.

ok.. I still remember the date. It was 22nd December 2005, when I finished reading his autobiography "Out of my comfort zone" at 1.30am and wished sitting on commode, eyes closed, slow breath,"God please I want to meet him." and then I forgot about it. But who knew I was on the way to meet him and not only that and stay with him for 7 days. whoaa.. I just get goose bumps when I remeber those days.

It was my college because of whom I could make it. From my school days only, I am in habit to indulge in all kinds of odd stuff that normal people hates to do. No, not to grab attention or just for the sake. Its so natural I am rarely in tune with civilians.Crazy, weird, nocturnals, travelers, solitary things,I always get attracted to. Such odd stuff was displayed on notice board.

So, one day it was announced in college that they need volunteers to build homes for unprivileged and poor people. To be more precise they needed lobours who can carry bricks, mix mortar and concrete, climb on the slabs, install the toilet pots, clean the shit, work full time, who are not obesse so eat less. And all this for free. So imagine the response. It was almost null. It clicked, it was my cup of tea. Hit It.! By the end of that week, we only 20 guys, including girls were on the list. Girls, because it was a rumor that Salman Khan will inaugurate the thing. Then I didn't even know it was Jimmy Carter Work Project and Habitat initiative.

The venue was Malavali, Lonavala. Its on Mumbai- Pune expressway. Someday in October 2006. As soon as we entered we were split into groups on different projects. There were around 50 houses supposed to get built. Mine was House no.36. Some papers were handed over to me which contained all the details like nature of work, team members, agenda, break timings. Everything so much thoughtful and planned. First shock came when I saw the first page, the welcome note, was signed by His Highness Jimmy Carter, yes.. 39th President of The US. I was like... it was shock, surprise, enthusiasm, adrenaline rush.!!

He was 86 then but so youthful when he spoke for 40 min. It was a lifetime experience for a mediocre like me. As I went ahead through papers, the first name in the team list was Steve Waugh and I was about to faint. The law of attraction actually exist, isn't it? I thought. It was not the only surprise, there were many Hollywood and non Hollywood international celebrities present at the place, see the last pic and you'll believe.

Then I went to search for House No.36 and while on the road there were so many thoughts going on in my mind. What will I speak with him.? How will he react? What will I do? n many more things. And finally when I found the house, it was little more biiger shock as Steve has already begun the work. He was all alone with the security and he was down on squats, handgloves on and was doing brick work.

Steve, while taking a breath. 
Belive me, you cannot buy this kind of happiness with any kind money. You start beliving in God when this kind of a thing happens. I went ahead greeted him and to my surprise he greeted me with,"you must Shan, Shantanu (while looking at papers), Hi I am Steve." AND that was OMG feeling for me..I was speechless, I couldnt utter a word.

Meha from Singapore and Robert from NYC, our other teammates.   
As the day proceeded, a human was getting unfolded in front of me. Trust me, I was feeling too much awkward while working there as I was the youngest, inexperienced and was very raw. But Steve and everyone in the group brought themselves to my level and by the end of 7 days together I was totally a transformed person.

Me with WILL
Steve has displayed an immense respect towards every team mate regardless of race, gender n all. He was never afraid to do any kind of a job that adds to a progress of a projcet. Discipline is one thing that I learnt in detail from him. From disciplining the mind to discipling the fellow workers. On all the 7 days of a work, he was always the first one to arrive at the place, well equipped sharp at 6.30am. He rarely spoke when we were working, worked with very high focus. He always works on cause and effect theory and is very aware about the thing why he is doing it. 
 Steve on the roll. 

Lunch time(see me in background, writing in Steves' notebook)
 This is the place when he usually spoke to me to us. He discussed so many things about career, life, spirituality, humanity, ambitions, values n what not. I learnt, while all the talks going on, what makes a great player, a great person.! Very simple, its simplicity, in thoughts, in actions. No pretensions, no ostentation. Discipline, Never say die attitude, Respect. The vital of all HOW TO KEEP COOL. I have never seen such a cool person, no matter what the situation is. And no wonder he is such a successful captain in australian cricket history.
All said and done, we discussed his book. He narrated Curtley Ambrose incident that he mentioned in his book.How to play mind games..if you read that book you'll get the essence. 

Since then he is my mentor, buddy and what not.
She was also there for 10 min. Hate her.
with Buddies.
"ya..its true we meet people, often, successful, failures, happy, sad, cripers, optimists, pessimists, diplomats and with so many shades. Its upto you what do you want to take from them, its upto you to be happy or unhappy." I still remember his sentence and try to follow.
 The Baby

Thanks JCWP and Habitat. The very next year it was in NYC n  it was heaven.
Luck and prayers for you Steve. I wish you read this. 

he was also there, TROY, by himself, Brad Pitt.

PS - I am not doing a proofread of this.(I am on "My Rockstars series". Next is Sanjeev Kumar, no not that film hero)
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Role Change..

Sometimes job rotation is inevitable. I am experiencing the same. Mom slipped in the bathroom 3 days ago. Dad is in the hospital for food poisoning since 2 days.! 

So I am the only parent they have with them. Little bro is caught up with work load, that's not an issue. Its an enlightenment to play this role. From garden to kitchen, from buying vegis to buying kirana, from chopping onion to chopping finger, ouch lil bleeded, didnt tell anyone,  from breakfast to dinner, from dudhwala to kachrawala n what not. 

Parents faces and do so many things for me, daily.

And I am so happy I am doing at least this bit for them, of course I didn't want this way but cant help it. 

The thought is : I just love u Mom, dad salute to u.!  

Wanted cigarette today, but donot know why did I avoid it? ya, changes are in evitable. 
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Rockstar I - kArInaA..!!!! 8-)

tHe BSt wAy tO wRitE aBOut BeBoO Izz tO wRitE lIke hErR..!! LoL..!! n mAkeE hEr sMIleE.. rIghT bEbo.!  sEE shE iz sMiLing. :) 

THis iz KarinaA aKa BebO..! my oldest virtual buddy. This time thanks to FB.

ok.. now for this blog, as it is totally dedicated to her only, I have decided to create Karina aura in my blog today. Everything now YEW (as she taught me) are seeing here is Bebo, everything about her that I was able to know till date. Its fantastic actually, to know this girl.! very genuine feeling.

Its not kind of a testimonial and all.. But ya, sort of.! Jo bhi hai.. You know its been more than a year that we are friends now, ya I also sometimes feel like "Aww..." but its so true. Now, I really dont remember who among us sent the friend request first. But I am sure, it must have clicked to one of us.

I can say, it was Option D, if you saw Slumdog Millionaire, Destined, and so gloriously destined in our case.
Its so good naa..

I mean I had never experienced this kind of a friendship, virtual, with so much affection and warmth and the most important selfless attachment. We both know we have nothing to gain from each other. And belive me, still Bebo has helped me out in many of the situations. Its not thank you wala thing but seriously I should be grateful to her as a person for showing tremendous maturity towards someone, that too like me, you hardly know.!! fNkewWwwwwwW...babO..! (yew'll see these kinda words intermmitently..she taught me :D)

Recently she has taught me how to make a smiley using tabs, fabulous.! One of the most adoerabl thing that I shall endorse Bebo for is Respect.! May sound weired, she has a tremendous respect faahh..friends, good friends of course, their friendship. And I am so fortunate that I dont think anyone else would have experienced thid. Yes, and at the same time she is hard on loafers, in fact she knows how to handle them. Thats brilliant. You know Bebo's fav word.. LoL..! I have counted it..till now Bebo tumne approx 688times LoL bola hai.. ;) awWW..na.!! 8-)

I always abhor flattering and psychofancy, so whatever I am wrting is straight from the heart and very practical, infact. One of the most fabulous things about Bebo is she is very much concious about her appearence. I have never seen without a good attire, a smile on the face and yes I always admire her bangles or bracelets she wears..OSMmmm bebo.. seriously they are so unique, I tell you. See above, see below.

I mean, isnt it giving good vibes.? of course, it is.! Certainly, she has her style mantra at a very right age.!

So, What does she love the most.?
mmm.. ok.! as far as I have guessed she loves folloing:
1. she loves her friends a lot, lot..! 2. She loves all the cuteness in the world, see pics below

3. She loves Megha. 4 She loves SUN.ya true.! (Bebo..I forgot to put that pic, sun wali) 5. She loves pakodas. 6.n ya.. she loves sneakers, alot.! see that pic as well.! 7. she loves HILARY DUF, infact, its common among us. 8. she loves Miley Cyrus, Hana Montana, she loves parties.

9. She loves soccer. I am not sure, but little sure.!! ;) 10.She loves palak paneer. 11. she loves sandals. 12. she loves Blue.13. She is MAD about PINK..!! 14. her nail polish is fantastic. 15. she loves FB..15. Loves dresses, loves music.!

Bani preet is in her Top Friends list. (Bani Im Jel.. LOL.!!)
with Bani
She hates...mm I dont know much about except Rains.. Yes Bebo dont like rains, waise she like it, but dnt like to get drenched n all.And she hates oversmart boys.
So, what is Bebo to me.? To me, she is da bestest buddyy..who is always there with all her strengths to help me. What else do you need from a friend.!!! Also, to me she is like princes, whos' gona rule the world with her charm and witt.! Surely.

Last word to bebo. you will always be my sweetheart and a darling friend. I canot imagine my day would ever be complete without talking with you. I shall always pray for you a good life, a caring boyfriend, precious true friends, success, smiles and everything you want. OMG.. bebo kitna tarif kiya tera..! I shall always be there for you and surely would like to see you someday in next years of life.

all the best..!! huggsss.. n kisses..!!

fankkkewWwwww..!! ;-)
PICS COurtesy : KArina.. !
(p.s. I am on MY Rockstar series, My best virtual buddies, Next is Steve Waugh.)
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My Rockstars..! The Series.

Since the day I posted "We, The Living", my stay at poachers' home story, something was going on in my head. I was unable to figure it out, I do not think that much though. But yes, happens sometimes.!! And so I could not write anything for some days. I was just reading and reading to find out the answer, what is it that I am searching to write when I am having 'n' number of things to write, my recent victories, sorrows, good, bad, philosophies. 

I always have decided to stay happy regardless of circumstances, seriously. And I am happy to have followed that. My happiness is not dependent, that is quite I like the most about me. Making my friends happy is another way to be happy that I found. Yes, but no expectations in return hnn..! That hurts then..and alot. There are so many people around me. 

Good or bad is like black or white, but in that gray area there exists loads of shades of endless human emotions. And I have just realized that I have met and I know so may different people across cultures, castes, religions, countries, value systems and what not. Almost all are good friends, some are teachers, some are motivators. For a second I gave it a thought to write about them. But naahh.. maja nahi aya.!! Thats not me..!

Lets do it differently, I thought. This time something for all my virtual friends. Yeahh, adrenaline uppp.!! Of course, they have an immense importance here in my life. They are even a bit more closer than real ones sometimes. I share all my feelings with them, they make me smile in tough times. Mean alot. To give it a proper justice I am going to include my those buddies also who were my real friends for some time but some how inevitably they gone virtual but the feelings are not lesser than a real one.
So, from tomorrow onwards, I shall write about all my virtual buddies, one at a time as I see them, perceive them. Some are totally virtual, never met them, but they are all my inspiration when I chat with them, exchange mails. Some are Indians, punjabis, sauthha Indians, Bengali, Bihari, Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Some Australians, Americans, many more. I am sure it will be a good trip for those who will read this as I have travelled across all the human continents of ego, selfishness, selflessness, greeds, deeds, virtues, values and what not.

The reason why I do not get angry very easily and totally believe in not giving up on any relation.

Here the list goes of my buddies.:
Abraham Lincoln, No, not The 16th US President, But he is certainly The Man of Virtue. He is 76 years old Ohio resident. A vivid ornithologist and an environment scientist.
Karina, No, not Kapoor. She is the youngest of all my virtual buddies and my day is incomplete without her.
Tamalika, The brainy filmy stuff.
Steve Waugh, Yes Former Australian Captain. We have done some of miraculous work together at Jimmy Carter Work Project.
Jimmy Carter, Yes The former US President.
Shobha De, everyone knows her. 
Sanjeev Kumar, in Kolkata we boozed like a fish, now here I miss him a lot.

And I have some more names in my mind. Lets see how it work out. 
Mainly, I shall be mentioning my views on them, good or bad, their likes, dislikes, their interests, turn ons, turn offs, how they ar important to me, their view to take life and everything that will come to my mind. 

I shall just pray they read this. Yes, its a matter immaterial as I write for my own happiness and if someone derives something from I'll be more than happy. They all are my sweethearts and they have just Rocked my world in every possible way..!! 

Starting with KaRiNaA., the BeBo.!

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We, The Living.!

The Place we Lived.!

Yes.. the title is of Ayn Rands' book, but we actually experienced the thing yesterday. What does it takes to be a poacher aka pardhi, as they are commonly called here.?

I was almost on the verge to break down when we saw a flock of around 2000 domsile crains, birds, landing in front of our eyes. It was spellbound and I canot even think to describe this. As we saw them landing on the front coast, they formed a uniform otrageous line along right to left of the lake.

It was like, that thing was like a law of nature - that one cannot question, alter or implore, just witness and shut up.! 

For three hours we were in a baby pose, in crawling, me and my Olympus, all drenched with marsh, mud, as it had rained last night, fungus and what not. I  wished time should have stopped, but in vain.. good times and bad ones, they never last.

As we were on the "wow" pose, suddenly flock took a flight agan in the pink sky and to our surprise two human figures were coming out of flock. Surprise, n all surprise.!! what the hell was that..we were like.!! We started pouring MCBC galis with full throtle on. They were approaching us with some dead bodies in their hands, birds dead bodies.

In than five seconds we understood that they were poachers and they had trapped around 10-15 birds, was ridiculous, my thought at that point. As they we were getting closer to us, we already had dialed forest rangers' phone, the thing that they also had understood..

When they were infront of my eyes, I witnessed two 10 yr old boys in their shorts and only two nylon ropes. For a moment I did stun with the thought that how one can catch so many birds with only two thin ropes. As expected, emotional drama started. They began to crib and were trying to convince us to not to call police. But by that time my buddy was already on call and handed over a phone to me.

Ranger knew all these things, poaching and all. He told me that he'll be here in an hour and to wait there. OK. The boys were on the verge to cry and started telling their familys' pathetic condition and cribs, cribs and cribs. It was not a routine thing for us to feel so bad. Helplessly, I asked them where do they stay.? They requested us to come with them as they were living nearby.

Danger. Obviously, we thought as they were poachers. But thankfully we both had our military knifes, got from Corbet, so we didnt hesitated too much. The only thing to worry was our binos. They took us to the place, See the pic.! It was as miserable as that anyone cannot even dare to imagine. They have built their house, Tambu sort, to be more precise, with all the waste cloths that are available on the earth. 

It was terrible. 11 people were there in family. Illiteracy. But too much of love for everyone. A high quality parental care and warmth. They were not bothered about what tomorrow. Their only goal was to live today in the most happiest way. Poaching and selling the meat was their only mode of income, survival. By the time we observed all this and had a dialogue, we were already in their home.

No show offs, no ostentation, only the harsh reality inside. For a moment I thought, we keep fighting over a nonsense issues when life is so comfortable for us and see here. They requested us to have food and stay there at there home. It was a very awkward situation. But somehow, we reached to the decision that we'll stay only till 4 am and then will move. Fine.!

In an hour got the call from my ranger friend to find out where were we. Explained everything. No legal actions and all. We didnt want to make it more miserable for them. 

We were inside for 4 hrs, had their typical Pardhi food, all laced with meat. No sleep. Only mind boggling thoughts.  We got up at 3.30am. As we were on the highway, a desperate thought crossed in both of us' mind, "Man, have to have beer. Its too much."

4 Beers at 3.55am at Veer-da-dhaba. 

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