Memoir in Mind.

These days I m traveling like crazy from place to place. And its definitely on my mind to write a memoir, though I have started to shape it. Guys since last 7 days I have traveled almost 5000 kms, 3 states, and around 8 cities where I have never been to. People and people. Being an HR person for me its all about people.
Right now Im in Jabalpur and gona meet Dona Ganguly, Saurav Ganguly's wife at Bedaghat. 
Do you remember Kareena's song in Asoka.. "Raat ka nasha abhi.." that place is bedaghat, there are literally hills of Marble and Narmada river flows like anything. Spellbound, tonight Im going there.

Till december I'll cover all the Indian cities, almost hann. From Jan, I'll be flying for Jakarta, Singapore, Brazil..n don't know where.! Pry for me.! 

Love you all. Pics coming. More on FB.
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Caution - Don't Rub your balls..!!

Date - 13/10/2010
Day - I don't remember.
Place - My HO at bengaluru.
Time - 1000 hrs.
People - Shantanu, COO(Male), CEO(Male), MY VP- HR (female), Sr. Manager(Operations)
Scene - Everyone dressed up professionally, Neck tie n all (I don't like tie). Everyone gets up one after other and gives presentation. 
- Pathetic presentations by VP, Irritated CEO.
-  Sr. Manager gets yp for ppt. 
- First bring bearable 5 mins. 
- Suddenly he starts rubbing his balls. 1 st warning by COO.
- Me, LoL too much from inside, but couldn't from outside.. uffff suffocation.
- Again 5 min, irrestible itching in his balls. He starts rubbing. 
- Itch guard could have prevented this. 

That is why don't rub your balls guys.
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