I shall be off for 4 days trip for some professional stuff at Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad. My first ever International conference. So excited.!!

Also, I shall meet up with my Uncle. He is gona get operated tomorrow. Spoke with Auntie. He is happy and is giving good  vibes. Thanks to you guys.

Gona miss you a lot as wont be able to access my laptop because of security reasons. 

* Abraham : My advance wishes on your 56th wedding anniversary. Please convey to Patty as well. I shall try to mail you on 12th July from outside of the venue. 

* Dip : M gona miss FIFA finals. So, if Spain wins, I would say "Guru tu sahi bola tha" . N as I told you , miss me while beer.  cheers.

* Splurjo / Swati : shall expect some more great stuff on ur posts when Im back.

* Vspirit : man ping me. where r u?

*  Pavitra : M getting some more Edward Stewart stuff from Delhi. Stay well.

* Bebo : hope ur outing was good. And now you are all recheged.

* Sovina / Nikita : Thanks for the follow. You blog babies are awesome. Loved them.

* Ned and Spain : All the best. I know you both will miss me. Whoever wins the CUP I am going to Love FIFA till India wins the finals. 

Shall be there by midnight.

ciao guys. 

Love n hugs :)
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