the Daru post.! haPPens haPPened..

this post is surely gona s*u*c*k... so those of you in a good mood, with their beloveds 
spending good times, and don't want to see something stinking and abusive 
post pleeeeease don't go furtherr coz everything is gonnaA be aBruPt fROm now.. you are sTILL witH meE..come .

wElL, right now soME 180ml 42%ethanol(rum), 750/2= 375ml 8% ethanol(beer),
anD soME tWo fU**ng tOOo goOd taquIlLLas are Playing kHo KhO in mA tummy..
(that is a disadvantage of tOO muCh studYing, u see everything at micro level..)
buT who Cares how much is IT..?? 
 but I DIDN sMOke.. its more tHAn 35 days now.
wE, ,me n ma school friend, sat near railway track an hour ago, saw trains passing us, we sang some songs, had booze with chaknaa.
ate egg curry went on a walk through tunnel, we shouted, naa, screamed, abused MCBC in that tunnel..
we, in fact I, vented out some shit...

After so long I am in low. I am exactly feeling my serotonin levels are big time famished, my adrenaline has dried up and heart is taking efforts to pump, I am feeling heavy at this such a wonderful wt., I am unable to do even 20 push ups today.
I am not into writing such posts, but who cares, its ok, you are my people. you love me, abuse me but at least you are honest as I think coz I am too honest in this case.

 Reasons : y all this going on.?? what are these shit symptoms.? now I am on leave for a week to treat my sinus, was terribly ill with fever till today. why the hell was i waiting for that one fuc**in call to ask me how am i? i never expected anything from anyone but love. so many stabs on my back, so many. there is no space left, but still they find some. I don't ,ind getting those, but i cant fake myself..

LOVE NET airing on channel V..!! such a loosers, they hide their identity over the net and indulge in love chat.. bullshitss..if one cannot maintain his dignity even for own id, then rest is shit..! 

DIP.. i have puked enough on ROSHOGULLA (I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH), and some FB posts, please bear with me.! i'll say sorry later.! i find little salvation, some momy lap kinda feeling at ur blog.. are a sweetheart,, you listen me so patiently on chats but ya i must say u have a too much stamina to talk n talk n fact type, type n type, thnks for being ears..! actually i love everyone of you..

just want to HUg someone tight n cryy..since so long I havenot cried..!! 

talli me.!
(rechristened  by sonal) love this name, reminds me something..

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