Its time to breath after a long time.

Well.. sometimes its a good feeling to be a vella.! haha..I love it to stay in bed for a long, to break my disciplined schedule, to not to wear formals all the time (man I hate to wear neck tie, although I look good with it). N believe me its a terrific cold here in Madhya Pradesh. I have experienced almost all the cold weathers in all the states, this one is too much and I'm liking it. 

Ok, there is one more reason I'm vella this week, Leg injured. Here in Jabalpur there is a holy river called Narmada aka Narmada ji, as they call it here. N there was a big mela last sunday here in Bhedaghat, remember Asoka's raat ka nasha song wala location. So, I along with some friend I made here had gone for a Snan in this river in the earliest morning at 6 am. 
Believe me, already its cold and in addition to that all the floor of the earth is marble, so it was painfully cold. I was very hesitant doing this Snan thing in public. But to my surprise almost every single creature there at ghat, including all sized females, were doing this thing. So, finally I jumped off in the water and while I was enjoying the cold thing, my left leg slipped because of the water current and I felt down in water. blood n blood..!! '

There was no sensation of the injury till evening, later it started showing its magic. Nothing's serious, have applied bandages n all.

Till this time have roamed around 16000Km here in MP, did set up some good things for my company and for unprivileged,  recruited more than 255 employees, visited 300 poor households and 28 districts. So all in all its a good sleep at night, peace. 

Also, staying with some amazing people. Getting a smell of real India. I actually saw Peepli Live like people here and felt them. Came to conclusion. India is grat. Flying off to various Asian countries Next year but I know I'l still feel , India is Great. 

Trying to upload some pics. 

On the way to bhedaghat. with Soni family. One the best mates I have made here in JBP

Damn server is holdin me to upload some more pics.
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